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  1. That's my guy Don. Another medal roll had him as "Auger" as did his USMA cadet document. Thanks for your deductive talents.
  2. Hello to all, I am researching a recent medal acquisition and am hoping a member with the rolls can help me. Name: Jacob A. Auger He was an officer in the cavalry in the Western Territories. Regards, Doug
  3. Hi Guys, I just listed some PH items on eBay and Mr. Do-gooder just sent me this message: New message from: jpdls3979 (298) Good day, Being a 35yr Army Vet and Purple Heart recipient myself and though other Sellers list PH and other medals. Curious if you're aware of eBay's Policy found under "Government Documents, I.D.'s, and Licenses" category where it specifically addresses what medals are not allowed to be listed? And Yes I ask the same question to Other Sellers that list them and don't discriminate against anyone and that these listings may be Reported. Respectfully, J.P. Reply I'm going to ignore him. I'll let you know what happens.
  4. Wanted to make a correction. The lot sold for $850 and not $900.
  5. The group sold for $900. I was not the winner. The GC medal was not engraved.
  6. Out of my league. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-II-PURPLE-HEART-MEDAL-WITH-RELATED-MEDIC-PAPER-EPHEMERA/152794052002?hash=item23933c35a2:g:-P4AAOSwH2VaEbKK
  7. From the United Daughters of the Confederacy Cross of Military Service Electronic Listing (found on the forum). 2847 (SC) SGT Onas P. Parkman. Camp Shelby, MS. The ribbon bar precedence is out of order. Should be NMCCM, ADM, ACM. My queries are: If the ADM is a Coast Guard issue would it not have a SEA clasp? Why a NMCCM vice a Coast Guard Commendation medal? No campaign medals, so stateside service? So, is this a WWII Navy group with post war Coast Guard service?
  8. RM2 Mulkey would have been eligible for the PUC, had he in fact been attached to shore billet during the campaign. The problem is finding the documentation to prove it. You would have to have a service record entry saying he was transferred TAD to a specific unit on the island during the campaign.
  9. The picture may have been taken before the PUC for Iwo Jima was awarded, meaning the single star on the PUC in the picture is for the Saipan - Tinian invasion.
  10. Hi, at some point, what I have noticed is that the Marine Corps stopped issuing the "ENLISTMENT" type bars and started issuing the "AWARD" bars. Maybe just prior to WWII. The Marine corps "AWARD" bars are pin back and engraved on the obverse. The reverse is blank. The Navy "AWARD" bars are the slip on type and have raised lettering. Awarding of enlistment bars ended in 1953. http://www.foxfall.com/gcrm-usmc.htm
  11. Found this in Gleim Auction catalog 25: Exp. Medal MNo.5785 Lt. Col.Donnovan D. Sult. Rcvd for service as a plt. ldr. 4th Marines Shanghai Gleim Cat. 27 Exp. Medal MNo.8107 CWO-QM Rob L. Horn possibly for service in Haiti 1931 Regards, Doug 1 Roy L. Kinna 20 Louis McLittle USMC 24 Kenneth Inman 42 Harry K Pickett USMC MG 68 Capt. McKay 132 Thomas D. White (1st Lt Air Corps 1927-28 USMC Liaison Service) 133 Edward Joseph Lawler 155/159 (M No. 155 to M No. 159 to LCdR Sweet, RAdm Pettengill, LCdr Brown, RAdm Field, and RAdm Craven (all former officers on the USS Philadelphia) (No order of issue) 326 Frederick L Peoples USMC ("2" on drape) 380 Charles A. Lockwood 412 Gaines, Benjamin W. LCdr USN 601/624 (601 671 Given to US Navy Bureau of Navigation for Navy Crew members for the 1899 USS Philadelphia Landing at American Samoa.) 625 Guy F. Austin USMC (issued Dec 1941)?? 626/671 (601 671 Given to US Navy Bureau of Navigation for Navy Crew members for the 1899 USS Philadelphia Landing at American Samoa.) 710 Harold Kenneth Jackson 818 Leland H. Alexander USMC 858 Percy F. Archer USMC 940 Bailey M. Coffenberg USMC 1123 William C. Wise Jr USMC 1340 John Waller 1434 Lee Hoxie Brown 1487 John J. Maguire 1515 Walter Yeacker, USMC 1609 W. H. Pritchett 1665 George M. Lester 1769 Joseph Rea, Jr. 2030 Lewis D Warrell 2047 William C. Powers, Jr. USMC 2147 Walter J. Green USMC 2240 Capt. Joseph Jackson (Marine Marksman) 2278 Joseph D Humphrey 2408 Gilbert Davis 2452 PhM3c Damon Pembroke USN 2539 William J. Hensley 2568 Frank W. Dunham 2581 (Unknown) 2617 James P. Berkeley, Lt Gen. USMC 2664 USMC HQ (1933) 2707 Vincent H Verga - Wake Island 2778 Carroll J. Mulligan (Verified) 2783 Unidentified 2882 James D Connolly 2952 Charlie W. Griffith (WW1) 2963 George K. Roush 3077 Gilbert L. Owens 3144 Theodore B. Crawley 3167 Lorenzo Yates 3226 William Ulrich 3352 George J. Twieg USMC (Abyssinia Expedition - USS MACHIAS - 1903) 3362 William August Meitzner 3404 Gregon A. Williams 3482 Howard J.J. Weiss 3495 Francis M. Wulbern USMC 3596 Charles H Davis 3625 Ralph H. Freeman 3694 Marvin Yandle 3823 Monroe S. Swanson 3852 Clifford Milton Reed (Wake Island Defender) 3926 George E. Gardner 3933 Ronald A. Boone 3950 Clyde Purvis 4120 John Dominic 4121 Paul Dwight Sherman 4289 Ernest E. Ruffle 4321 James Claude DeWitt 4381 Samuel J Bailey 4429 William G Groves 4442 Leslie J. Cartwright 4476 Raymond L. Williams 4478 (Unidentified) 4615 Claude Larkin (Unverified) 4626 Unidentified (US MINT) 4726 David J. Trojan USMC 4905 Jacob F. Plachta USMC Aviator 4924 Hiram Rasnick 5103 George Chester Lewis USMC 5123 William B. Croka USMC 5269 Leslie R Jaggers USMC 5358 Fay Henry Spooner 5395 Sterling G. McKay 5544 William A. Edwards PHM1c (23 Jan 1935) 5669 Floyd S. Ritchie 5729 Charles F. McCarthy 5785 Lt. Col.Donnovan D. Sult. Rcvd for service as a plt. ldr. 4th Marines Shanghai 5946 Herman O. A. Keller 6076 Emil E. Vanous USMC 6206 Max C. Taylor USMC 6306 Mike E. Puskarich USMC 6373 MGySgt Robert P Thomas 6414 Frank J Loudiana 6418 Philip J Manning 6510 Alexander Dixon (Ser# 86607) 6610 MSgt Ervey O.H. Broberg 6700 Woodrow, Kessler (Unverified) 6764 Canby L Davidson 7015 Clarence L. Jenkins (Ser# 83887) 7179 Harris F. Twohey 7338 William J. B. Ragan 7386 (Unidentified) 7602 Horace D. Palmer USMC Aviator 7962 Theodore Gooding 8084 Robert E. Lee Wake Island (issued 1945) 8107 CWO-QM Rob L. Horn Possibly for service in Haiti 1931 8221 James Aloysius Leach 8405 Amon Pifer 8504 Frank A. Latendresse 8632 Charles McFarland 8690 Frank Stone USMC (WWII POW) 8981 Gregon A. Williams (Replacement for MNo 3404) 9247 Unidentified (Wake Island bar) 9604 Jay Nevenzel - Wake Island 9757 Thomas Condon 1905 Panama (issued 1951) 9942 Albert P. Rickert Wake Island 9948 Paul F. Hemmelgarn Wake Island 9998 William G Ellwanger
  12. navy marine corps medal

  13. I think the 3 awards on the same date are separate actions. Frank R Aiello USMC received his medal for bravery on the North River, New York City, NY. The rescue took place in 1940.
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