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    US military items 1900-current, anything vintage hunting, guns, vintage ammunition, bows, knives... tell you what, I collect damn near anything if it strikes my fancy!!!
  1. Well that explains that. I was wondering why a metal end was put on the buckle side since it was sewn. Real reluctant to cut the stitches, but it's sewn crooked anyway and besides I trust your expertise. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Picked this up the other day, any idea what kind of strap this is and for what? WWI calvary? I see no markings anywhere. Total length is 85", width is 1-15/16". Thanks in advance for any information.
  3. Yes, there are hex head screws on the bottom... and some mud dabber mud
  4. No, I have just the one, picked it up at an auction. Wasn't able to find out anything on the net.
  5. Hi, Picked this up recently and was wondering if it's military? It looks like an IV hanger stand that you would clamp on to a cot or stretcher. I don't see any "U.S." and the only markings are: "Spolar Bros Tool Corp" Collapsed length is 21", fully extended length is 48" Any thoughts?
  6. Found this neat Army trunk named to a "Major R.J.C. Irvine, 9th Infantry, Detroit, Mich". I assumed it was from WWI, but my internet searches turned up a May 1903 copy of the New York Daily Tribune stating the Major was stationed at the Madison New York barracks and was conducting inspections in Utica, NY during May of 1903. :w00t: Never expected it to be that old. Trunk is missing the lock body and one of three hinge pins, but is in solid condition. Larger than a standard footlocker and about twice as high. There's some old newspaper stuck to the bottom, but I haven't tried to read it
  7. Sir, I picked up this US Army version about a year ago, it's similar to the first one you posted but looks like an earlier model (to me). Thoughts? :think:
  8. First off, I know just a tad more than nothing about machetes. Just bought this yesterday as part of a package deal. I went forward figuring it's not military, but it was the sheath that sold me. The seller's story: the machete was carried by a special forces guy in Vietnam (his friend), and the issue sheath became unusable so he had one of the locals make up this leather sheath for him. (I know, I know, buy the item, not the story) :w00t: Any who US issue or not, I think the workmanship is great and thought you guys would appreciate it. The fit is perfect and I like the way the
  9. Dave, You really caught my attention with your post. Last fall I made the same exact type of purchase at a gun show. Found a mint, 1918 dated AK Co. scabbard with the same cheap "made in japan" knife in it, the knife btw was identical to yours. Paid the guy his $8 asking price and ended up selling just the knife for $6. :w00t: So now I'm wondering if perhaps there was a company that produced such sets years ago? Seems funny that more than one of these odd-ball sets have been found. :think: (edit) - I wanted to add that my knife was also not cut down, or at least showed no s
  10. Thanks guys, your replies confirmed my thoughts, but I wanted some expert advice since I know nothing about A2 jackets. Appreciate it. :thumbsup:
  11. I have an opportunity to purchase this A2 jacket with an original leather flying helmet and blood chit for $200. My main concern is if this A2 is a modern commercially made jacket. Seems to good of condition for WWII vintage. Thoughts and advice appreciated, thanks.
  12. My condolences to you and your family, may your memories of your Dad never fade and may he rest in peace.
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