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    USAF patches and related aviation collectibles from all eras, but prefer older Tactical Fighter and Air Commando stuff. Especially like Korean War era Fighter Interceptor and Fighter Bomber items and Vietnam era F-105 and F-4 theater made patches. Also, Vietnam era USAF party suits; and early flight suits/jackets with patches. BUY-SELL-TRADE
  1. Friday hours for the public are 12-6pm. Saturday hours are 9-4. Skio and I haven't missed this show in about 5 years now. Always a good time and the hosts are great people. Have picked up a few sleepers there too. Hope to see you there. Dave
  2. Superb find and at a Gun show no less. Proof the great stuff is still out there.
  3. Randy, thanks for the info. The tabs actually are black, they are the same shade of black as the eagle's beak. I guess they look a little blue due to the lighting or flash. I guess I need to take photos outside in natural light from now on. Cheers, Dave
  4. Picked up this one a week ago today at an estate sale. 6 inches tall. Korean War F-86 squadron. My question is about the construction. It appears to be Japanese made but with bullion letters. Wondering if it was sent to the squadron as a blank and the name/squadron letters added in Korea or was it made this way in Japan? Your opinions are welcome. 4 photos will follow. Thanks. In case your wondering about the pilot, his first name was James and I'm researching him now. I have his date of birth, serial #, etc. It appears he was at Suwon in '51. No MIG kills, but he flew as Jim Jaba
  5. Oct 18-19, 2013. Friday: Noon-6pm Sat: 9-4 D'Iberville Civic Center 10383 Automall Pkwy D'Iberville, Mississippi (near Biloxi and only about 1 hour from New Orleans) Forum member "Skio" and myself will be sharing our usual 5 tables at this show. We both Buy-Sell-Trade. We will have a variety of US militaria ranging from WWII helmets, Vietnam era and newer USAF patches, various era Bayonets / knives, various era uniforms, military related art, usually a few books, and OIF/OEF tactical gear as well. Even some gear for "preppers". This is a small but very friendly show
  6. These bomblets were used for USAF load training...typically we saw them in the classroom during "academics" prior to hands-on training to load the larger cluster bombs...gave new troops an idea what was inside the canister. As I recall there was something like 146 or so in a SUU-30. Someone out there knows the exact number...ha.
  7. ram, thanks much for the additional info and link. cheers, Dave
  8. Your 393rd Bomb Sq patch is a B-2 unit from Whiteman AFB, MO. Your 27th Fighter Sq was a F-15 unit at Langley AFB, VA...I think they fly the F-22 now. cheers, Dave
  9. Moderator....can you move this to a more appropriate area? I was thinking maybe the shoulder sleeve insignia area since the emblem on this item may be a squadron?? Thanks, Dave
  10. Thought I'd bump this back up for another look. I'm wondering if the Pelican and number 4 under it might indicate a squadron or group? Anyone have any clues for me to follow-up on? thanks, Dave
  11. Rex K. Stoner, Jr. is listed in my 1967 AF Register. He was a Lt Col and a Command Pilot and had a date of rank of 2 Sept 65. He was born in 1924 and entered the service in 1942 so was a WWII vet as well. In my 1972 register he is still listed as a Lt Col with almost 30 years of service. I would bet he was enlisted in WWII. If you PM me I'll give you his exact date of birth and service number. Dave
  12. Nice patch. Woolite can also be used if fading is a concern. I've even used a soft toothbrush on really dirty patches but be very gentle with it. Dave
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