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  1. Cool, always great to see a differing item from the standard .45 pistol.
  2. What's that revolver in part of the group?
  3. Blake_E

    Ivy 's Collection

    That BAR genuinely makes my mouth water. Very cool new items mate!
  4. Gotta have somewhere to park all those Porsches up
  5. Hahaha that did make me chuckle ^
  6. Very intense and I'm also intrigued for the rest
  7. Outstanding check in as always Ken Mr. Schlemmer certainly seems like the gentleman that is depicted in the photos Blake E
  8. I think that is perhaps the darkest of green patina's, with thicker rust than what is on the surface, reflecting the light Would be a great candidate for one of those cleanups as you could bring that back nicely.
  9. Looks to have the EG touch to me as well.
  10. Hey Ken, good to see you checking in and I hope you are well. That tin collection is nothing short of epic! Very impressive on your brother's part
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