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  1. The Air Force Training ribbon (basic training ribbon=BMT ribbon)... the blue ribbon with two yellow and one red stripe, for completing AF basic training/officer training.
  2. I meant prior enlisted, not prior service. Sorry. I've had someone mention that he must've received each of the OLC from BMT, prep school and the academy training. Prep school? That's a first hearing for me and doesn't make sense, I can't say I know much about the academy prep school but for what little I DO know is that it's just a prep for those that haven't been in a school environment in a while and to get you more college inclined. An OLC yes; BMT for the ribbon and an OLC for the academy BMT. If you're prior enlisted you can get an OLCon your BMT ribbon for academy, ROTC and OTS.
  3. I had seen this photo posted on Reddit yesterday; the caption being "I work at the Air Force Academy. Yesterday we got new recruits, this photo says it all" While it's a humorous photo, my eyes went straight to his prior service rack and asked the question "why does he have two OLC on his BMT ribbon, I've only ever seen 1 for prior enlisted with officer training. Also, why is he wearing a star on his NDSM? To be eligible for admissions to the academy you cannot be older than 23 and based on this cadets rank he is a firstie so he would be no older than 27, thus being born about 1990. Am I mi
  4. USAF recruiting armband. Never seen one of these before; still researching. Estimating early to mid '50s. Has "Rau fastener co." Stamped on the buttons. Appears to be thin felt on a thicker cotton/canvas type material.
  5. Very cool. Nice to get the chance to see it up close. Thanks for the photos!!
  6. I've never seen one that wasn't attached to a uniform. I've always been curious, is it just a leather loop with some rawhide sewn inbetween? Would you mind posting one?
  7. I was curious if anyone knew the reasoning (if any) as to why USMA wears their firstie parade sash towards the back, by the left back pocket, and with the tassels OVER the flap and USAFA wear their gold sash toward the front with the tassels BEHIND the flap. Here are some photos for reference:
  8. As the title stated, this is the Aiguillette I need help with identifying, (disregard the uniform to which it is displayed) I have yet to run across anything that might suggest who might have worn it (aides, staff, etc.) it almost looks like an aides but theirs lacks the little acorn like loop on the shoulder and the two thing ropes are different. I think it might have been shortened? In one of the guides it said it could be done for female aides. It only seems to fit on the left shoulder, as it doesn't seem to line up or sit right on the right shoulder. The "whistles" have the old AF seal an
  9. I was hoping to have a better idea once I received it and could poke around but so far I've come up empty. I see other ROTC/Miltsry schools have similar "lyre" patches, though other than band, I can't hazard a guess as to what it might represent...
  10. You're most likely thinking of the same listing, as I do have the matching shirt as well. There isn't any laundry marks, name, etc. But here are the labels. The jacket: The shirt: Left sleeve patch shadow:
  11. I have a cadet style wool uniform and I've been trying to pin point a school associated with it. Perhaps someone has seen this one before? Here is the coat it belongs to. Patches on lower left sleeve...
  12. Here is a photo in my collection of one being worn, I also have a pin in my collection; marked Amico. I have a few gunner wings as well and each " winged bullet" is a different size from one another but the one Amico wing that I have the "winged bullet" center itself is the same size as the "winged bullet" pin.
  13. Lesser known/seen USAF enlisted summer mess dress with the white on white chevrons. Used up until the mid '70s when the ranks were changed to the winter style of silver on black.
  14. It is ugly and wonderful at the same time. Obviously this is a no-go but as with all other eras, people try things out. AFI 36-2903 1.2.5. Airmen may alter uniform clothing to improve fit; however, alterations will not change the intended appearance or required function of the uniform as designed. Individuals may sew down unused pockets but no policy will be established to make it mandatory.
  15. As the title explains, here I have an altered USAF ABU jacket that has been modified to show "rolled sleeves" it has been cut from a regular long sleeve to a short sleeve for the appearance of the "rolled sleeve" look. This is a first pattern as it has the internal "map pockets" from 2006.
  16. A few links for you http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/83503-usaf-shoulder-boards/ This is the most up to date collection I have, each with an explanation from an email I recieved from the seller whos boards these were issued to. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/102367-usaf-aviation-cadet-commissioning-program/
  17. Most photos I run across they are wearing an ascot, are they wearing anything underneath? There is an article stating that long johns were worn at colder climates... A few photos it looks like a white t-shirt. I had found a photo of a group pic of a few wearing khaki dress shirts, now I can't seem to find it again
  18. Most of the photos I've found are black and white, so it's difficult to tell...
  19. I have a few SAC helmets and have tried to find any references as to their color combinations. The blue one has MCCC on the back (Crew Commander) The grey is from a MSgt. White has no markings and the Red one has Maj. Stark painted on the side, and holes for rank pins, but that's all.
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