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  1. That was a great rescue! Hope to see more pictures once it is restored
  2. Great looking jackets. I love the 2nd Armored Division bullion patch. I think there must have quite a number of 63rd veterans who went to the 36th after the war ended and vice versa. One veteran I met served with the 36th Infantry Division for 5 campaigns. He was sent to the 63rd when he was rotated back home.
  3. Great find! Are there any tags or stamps in the wool and leather palm gloves?
  4. example of engineer helmet belonging to a forum member http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/323491-wwii-first-sgt-engineer-m1-helmet/?hl=%2Bengineer+%2Bhelmet
  5. Could it be a white engineer castle with the top of the castles removed? Name on front and small NCO bar seem consistent with those type of engineer helmets
  6. Yes, as you said, low pressure liner repurposed into a toy.These were commercially done to low pressure and fiber liners.
  7. Very nice. I'm sure you'll be a great caretaker of such a fine group.
  8. Another one. These were taken before the Operation Varsity drop over the Rhine. Paratroopers from the 513th Parachute Regiment
  9. Here is another picture from the same series.
  10. The mohawk paratrooper picture is from the Robert Capa series on the 17th Airborne Division
  11. Maybe the eagle insignia has something to do with the 2nd Air Force?
  12. Great group. ID'ed TD crewman and a silver star winner. Hard to upgrade
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