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  1. On the British Medal Forum, of which I am also a member, there is a special section in order to prevent split-ups. When a seller split up a group on eBay or any other auction houses of website, and it is seen by a member (who cares) a topic will be started so people who want to keep the group together can contact the seller and try to pursued him to re-list the separate listings into one to keep the group together. But still; I personally think it is a real shame that people split up groups...
  2. Here you go, it is for the Dutch Order of Orange Nassau: http://lintjes.nl/downloads/downloads/afbeeldingen/_oon.html You need to ask them if you may use the photo's and explain the purpose of use. If it is not commercial they will let you use it, if it is for commercial purposes it will be a different thing
  3. I am wondering if there are any military dealers or antique places (especially one that sells medals) in the Chicago area, as I am going there the day after tomorrow.
  4. As far as my limited knowledge reachs I think the following ribbons are: 1. Queens South African Medal 10. British 1940-1945 Star 13. Dutch War Remembrance Cross 15. Order of St Michael and St George
  5. At first sight I agree but looking at is very critically I think there is a flaw in your reasoning. What if the recipient received his Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star of Legion of Merit after receiving his occupation medal (1947)? By just elimination everybody with a decoration that is not shown here in this group you may delete the wearer of this rack as well, or am I wrong?
  6. Hey Herman, You also found your way to this forum I see... Back to the ribbon bar; Herman is right when selecting on the 82nd and officers, no problem there. The tricky part are the last 2 criteria, finding out the home state and eliminating know ribbon racks... But we will give it a try. The following 27 names are all 82nd Airborne Division officers who were decorated with the Bronze Lion:
  7. Nice Rack! If you want to identify the recipient I think you need more information than just only the ribbon rack.... Looking at the figures; 87 Bronze Lions were awarded to Americans. 17 awards were made to the USN, 4 to the USAF and the rest, 66, were made to the army. All 66 Bronze Lions that were awarded to the army were made for actions during Market Garden and almost all were paratroopers. No real way to peal it down to one person I am afraid..... If you, for instance, only would have the rank of the recipient, the selection of the person would be much easier!
  8. Thanks for the update, Tom! Strange to see the difference between the medals included in the group and the ribbons included in the ribbon bar but very nice at the same time!
  9. Thanks for the update, Tom! Strange to see the difference between the medals included in the group and the ribbons included in the ribbon bar but very nice at the same time!
  10. Thank you for the information, Eric! Would it be possible to request for his Service File? And if so, do you know how I should proceed?
  11. Haha, thank you very much for your answer. It was just optimistic of me to think (read: hope!) that Turney-High was famous in one way or another. It is just that the "many" hits on Amazon and others made me start to think..... I will await patiently on others with more knowledge than me to help me on my way
  12. Dear all, Although I have not participated much (lately) I would still like to ask for your help. This may be questions that is asked many times but as I am new to searching information about Americans I have absolutely now idea how to proceed. Hence my question. I recently bought a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau along with the Dutch version of the Royal Decree belonging to the American (then) Major Harry Holbert TURNEY-HIGH. I already found out that Major Turney-High was the writer of books like 'Primitive Warfare: Its Practice and Concepts' and 'The Military: The Theory of Land Warfare As Behavioral Science'. I also found this link with some information and a photograph. My question to you all is; would it be possible to find out more about Major Turney-High's military service, his medal entitlement and the citations of the decorations and orders he was awarded? And, if so, how should I proceed? And is Major Turney-High a well know figure in the military because of his (later) work, or would that be an overstatement....?
  13. Thank you for mentioning the term! The way of displaying the difference in grade is the same in the Order of Orange-Nassau.
  14. I have only one small correction. It is not 'Officer' (grade 4) but 'Knight Grand Officer' (grade 2)! You can distinguish the two by looking at at the piece of ribbon below the rosette (which is visible at the photograph but not in your ribbonbar).
  15. That makes sense. You can see three different lines on the ribbon (last one, 5th row) at the right, Lewis was head of the SHAEF mission to the French government from 1944 to 1945 and with this medal all French awards are in a row. I think this fills the last gap in the group.
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