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  1. 2nd one is from the Royal Danish Air Force 727 Squadron early design.
  2. 3rd Infantry Battalion, Venezuela.
  3. Hi Just wanted to know if anyone knows the ID on this i believe to be a US pocket patch. Thank you
  4. 51st Fighter Squadron, Provisonal F-51 CAS (Bout-One detachment), Republic of Korea Air Force. A search on "Bout-One detachment" will give you more information. Not sure if it is the right ID but hope it helps. Ole
  5. I was one of them that was watching this lot but forgot to bid, not that i knew what that particular patch was and would not have gone any higher. The patch in question was also listed prior to this listing as an auction by itself and no bidders, as the seller then bundles up the unsold ones i lots later (as in this case). So thank you to ocsfollowme for this post and im now educated on the Kauai Volunteers again.
  6. Hi, need help to ID this 3rd Infantry Division related pocket patch. Thank you Ole
  7. 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division i believe those are.
  8. Well after what Dave and Bill said, how could i not get those two volumes. They are a great addition to the other books i have in the slow growing reference library on patches. And i must say it was great friendly service when i ordered them, so thank you again from a collector in Norway. Ole
  9. Hi Is this Fat Cats patch for the 344th Troop Carrier Squadron? Looks Japanese made and maybe from the Korean war era. Any information to confirm this is appreciated. Ole
  10. Thank you for the help on the origin of the 44th Medical Brigade.
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