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  1. If he is a south pacific guy then you could also add the jungle first aid kit. Great display, I love the camo stuff.
  2. I am liking the modification of the hook. Does the hook look to be period or added years later? It looks like the shoulder strap hook from an M1910 haversack strap. If you decide to restore it to the original shape it may look all bent up and wonky when you finish so be careful if you do.
  3. If I remember correctly the small field pack was never made in large quantities for whatever reason. The one shown by Keystone is a really nice example of a hard to find item. Keystone can you post some pics of the memenclature printing on the interior? Thanks
  4. That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This is an outstanding find and you are lucky to have it in your collection. Congratulations!!! I have a 1916 dated Model of 1914 Mounted belt, and if memory serves it has the snap to hold the .45 ammunition pouch in place where yours does not. This may be another difference between the two belts.
  6. Mariner. I checked the customs website and they specifically mention bayonets. I assume knives and swords are OK, but not bayonets.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I found the customs website that specifically mentions bayonets as a no-no. Now to find good site here the US to sell my foreign bayonets.
  8. Question about overseas bayonet sales. Are there US regulation prohibiting the sales of bayonets outside the U.S. ? I lost several rifle magazines a few years ago. They were OK to mail but not to send outside the U.S. Really don't want this to happen again.
  9. That is a nice Marine Corps upper pack. Nice pickup.
  10. Thats is right up there with super awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Is there a cancellation date on the stamp?
  12. It looks like a pair of wristlets that were never separated.
  13. Thanks! I agree, I like having multiples of the same year. Looking at the color differences is pretty cool.
  14. Absolutely It works out well. I use a closet rod with hangers. The one hanger has agap at the top so I can just lift it up and the whole bar come out. The walls are covered with pressed cedar to keep the critters away.
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