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  1. when i was in basic the ones they threw at use were round and grey, about the size of a softball, and had a red stripe
  2. chlorobenzalmolononitrile, it's tear gas and it's not desireable to have thrown at you
  3. the rest of my collection is at my parents house as im currently stationed at ft. bliss so as soon as i get everything down here ill post the rest.
  4. currently being MI that fm is awesome to see! i have a few janes manuals from the 70s that i think are neat
  5. sorry i cant figure out how to remove the german items if you could do it for me it would be appreciated
  6. i know its not all american but i enjoy collecting from the eto
  7. if anyone has any doubles of any WWII patches that i dont have here and want to sell let me know!
  8. in the patch book i have it says that the 82nd patch with an olive drab border is worth a pretty big chunk of change, someone correct me if im wrong
  9. its kind of hard to read but it looks like wra 222266
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