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  1. tthen

    Never Ends!

    Not sure but I think I see witness marks from a vice on the blade. Hmmm wonder what that's from?
  2. Outstanding Dave, I think the look will only get better with use. Love that leather.
  3. Sight with peep sight looks to be off a Japanese rifle, possible Type 99. Missing the aircraft lead sights.
  4. tdogchristy90, thank you for your reply. I'll give it a reply.
  5. Does anybody know if the bright light of a document scan will harm old documents. I have an old 8 1/2 x 11 two sided type written piece of paper entitled "Additional Pelelui Notes" It describes pre invasion bombardment on D-3, the 81st Inf. Div. landing location near Mamati Bay on D-day and enemy strength and capabilities. I would like to share with the forum but do not want to compromise this somewhat delicate piece of paper. Thank you Tom
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. Can someone give me a ballpark idea for what they think I should pay from what they can see from my not so good pictures. Thanks again Tom
  7. Thanks for the reply MattS, excuse my ignorance but what does wearing black mean?
  8. Just as the title indicates I found this helmet in a stack of helmets. Not really a helmet guy but was wondering what you guys think. If nothing can be found due to my crappy photography I guess it will have to remain a mystery cause that's really the best I can do. Thanks Tom
  9. Outstanding and well thought out display,... as usual.
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