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  1. Outstanding and well thought out display,... as usual.
  2. Thanks Chris, appreciate the comment Tom
  3. Finally finished this project. Got the bell sand blasted and painted. The custom stand and rope were done by Jim McCurdy at The Ship In A Bottle. I am pleased with the way it turned out.
  4. Elizabeth, found this picture of the knife you were questioning. It was titled Marine Raider. You can see it on his cartridge belt.
  5. After years of looking for one I finally found it, and it's a nice one.
  6. Dustin, outstanding picture. On a side note, is it me or does that rifle look short? M1917 rifles are 46 plus inches long.
  7. Dave, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Tom
  8. Good evening everyone, hope all is going well. My question is simple, I recently acquired a cast iron US Navy bell. I believe it is WW2 manufacture due to the cast iron material. I would like to refinish it but am unsure what a bell would look like once the vessel was out to sea. The attached pictures are from a US Navy training film, the bell I have, one that sold recently, and a NOS bell on ebay. Once a vessel was out to sea was it repainted as new, or was it painted with whatever. Thanks Tom
  9. Charlie, Outstanding photo. My WAG is a Sauer 38H .
  10. Hi Bob, For now they are in a cedar chest with a lot of my other collection. I'm recently retired and am looking forward to trying to figure out a proper display. I need to figure out how to display firearms, edged weapons and US Navy items. No problem right??
  11. Thank you everyone for your comments Much appreciated
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