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  1. I am considering getting into uniform collecting and have what may be a silly question. What is the best way to remove musty odors from ww2 era uniforms? Thanks, Bill
  2. I have seen several of these for sale & they look pretty neat. Any advice on collecting these gizmos?? What to look for, or look out for?? Thanks, Bill
  3. :thumbdown: I do NOT collect anything that eats.........
  4. I tried several searches here, but nothing that really fit came up.....So....... I have recently developed an interest in Cold War Strategic Air Command bombers (prompted by reading about Jimmy Stewart & the B36). Does anyone here collect SAC from the late 40's thru mid 60's items?? Especially items that can be linked to specifc types of bombers like b36, b47 or b58?? Any pics you want to share?? Thanks, Bill
  5. The "woolly" looking stuff "memphis Belle" era, I don't know the difference between the two. I don't have the item so I can't give details on labels, etc.
  6. I have located a pair of fleece-lined ww2 bomber pants & would like to get some more info about these things, including approx pricing. Is there any segment of this site that could help?? Other sites? Thanks, Bill
  7. This may seem like a silly question, but do current US campaign medals for Iraq & Afhganistan come in cases like in earlier wars?? The only ones I have seen at auction have been loose or in small clear plastic bags. Thanks, Bill
  8. I have wanted to se that ship for years but have "just never gotten around to it", hopefully she will still be somewhere so I one day can.
  9. I just received this book today in the mail & all I can say is WOW!!! Excellent photos & text, just a really well done book on ww2 usaaf uniforms.
  10. Should I mention I have ordered the aaf "silver & pink wings" book:......
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