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  1. Ok. Here is a unique question. What locks/keys were primarily used on 800 series buildings during WWII? I know the barracks probably werent locked, but what about admin buildings? We found this old key in the old dump area of Camp Butner and it had the numbers 1018 stamped on it. Im probably reaching, but according to my map, building T-1018 was a battalion administration building. Did they use skeleton-like keys for camp buildings? Mike
  2. Sigh. I don’t know why the photos rotate when they are oriented fine before I upload them. Sorry.
  3. I got these off Craigslist of all places and I thought the cost was a typo. When it turned out to be correct, I had to get them. These belonged to a 21 year veteran of the Air Force who retired in 1977. The earliest certificate is dated to 1971 with the most impressive one being from 1975. The entire border is signed by members of what I assume is members of the SAC and perhaps the book ends were presented at the same time. This order was awarded to members of the SAC staff. Finally his retirement certificate is framed with a photo of him receiving it. Order of Mole Holers, and
  4. 853. Thats a special number for us. Thats the number of dog tags we currently have that were dug from around the land that was previously known as Camp Butner. Yes, its an incredibly large amount of tags, but last month it was 854 because one was returned to the son of the 89th Infantry Division veteran who it belonged to. That amazing story was featured in a segment on the local news station and can be seen here: https://www.wral.com/dog-tag-given-to-son-of-a-wwii-veteran/18841277/ And just prior to Thanksgiving, that number was higher at 856. The return of a pair of dog ta
  5. I will be sure to do that. He did 2 tours. May 70-Jun 71 and Jul 71 to Dec 71 and reassigned to a place back in the states after that. I will share what I have assembled once it's all done. I'm doing some photoshop on scans of original documents and I think it will look pretty cool.
  6. I appreciate the "thoughtful" ideas but I will probably leave most of those out. LOL
  7. Nice idea I actually didn't think of MPCs. So far, I'm going to reprint these with his info on some of them: Liberty pass card (DD Form 345) M16 Rifle maintenance card (GTS 21-1-3) Meal card (DD Form 714) Front cover of a UH-47A manual C Ration Marlboro pack Military airlift ticket
  8. My father in law is heading to DC for a Vietnam Vet honor flight and the organizer is requesting letters for a "mail call" on the return flight. I wanted to make it unique and was thinking of assembling a memory lane sort of envelope but I am actually at a loss what to include. Besides Vietnamese money, I don't know what sort of papers would help him reminisce about his time. He was there, I believe in 70-71 (I could be wrong) with the 213th helicopter company as a chinook flight engineer but was wondering what sort of pamphlets, documents, flyers, etc just about every soldier would se
  9. I hope no one minds me resurrecting this post, but I was wondering something. Did the origin of the Medal of Honor ribbon come from the Washington flag? Mike
  10. That's a really cool piece. I like it. My oldest thing in the collection is this manual. It was printed in 1762 and although printed in England, it is the inscription that makes it US related. "Belonged to Samuel Powel who was the last mayor of Philadelphia under the crown and the first mayor under our independence c. 1776 To Major WF Randolph from S. Powel." Mike
  11. If anyone knows who currently has this group, I would like to talk with them. I want to bring everything back together with my family.
  12. I am resurrecting this old thread and putting out an APB. I really need to find this group. He was my late grandmother's (on my mother's side) first husband and these were probably sold during an estate sale when she went into assisted care in PA. I have a number of documents relating to his death but need help finding where it all went. Thanks so much! Mike
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