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  1. It's a fake that's been aged to appear old. I believe it's made in Pakistan.
  2. And the Army still hasnt honored CPT Will Swenson for his conduct in 2009 during the Battle of Ganjga!
  3. The blade isnt from a Patton sword; you could retip a Patton sword blade, but the fuller for that section of a Patton blade would be wider.
  4. Blade looks new but has a good profile, the grip looks original to me. Anyone email him and ask why he thinks it's a replica?
  5. And BTW, you didn’t wear your FEMA gear off duty in Louisiana. I went into a Popeye’s in Baton Rouge to get something to eat after work one day and had my FEMA hat on, a fat woman customer I was in line with started to go postal on me.
  6. I worked for FEMA for 1 1/2 years, in the field we wore issued polo shirts that had a DHS patch and FEMA on it, we also had hats with FEMA on them. We tended to wear jeans or cargo pants and hiking boots with the issue shirt and hat.
  7. Aluminum and zinc can appear the same with a patina over time, the difference is weight. If its light weight its aluminum, zinc is about the same density as brass, so it would be very handle heavy.
  8. Its cast to tang construction, I cant tell from the picture, is the handle material brass, zinc or aluminum?
  9. Superb Tony, casting quality is excellent on that one!
  10. Toss it on ebay, my guess is $30 in that condition. If you clean the blade up you will get more.
  11. Big Joes is a dagger blade, they are the narrower double edged blade. The bowies on these are always clip point with a convex edge and a sharp clip point.
  12. I’ve owned several boxes of these NZ knives over the years, I love them. The blades on these knives are marked TUI, AKE and NZ Cutlers. I’ve only seen bowies marked TUI and NZ Cutlers, I’ve never seen an AKE marked bowie blade. On the dagger blades they are only marked AKE, I’ve never seen a TUI or NZ Cutler marked dagger blade. The AKE marked dagger blades are pretty rare. My theory on the NZ knives is they were all made by a single maker that bought blades from various sources. I believe that TUI, AKE and NZ Cutlers sold their finished blades to the single maker, that was probably a
  13. Gen. Pace gave me a coin when I was named officer of the month or some stupid thing while I was working on the Joint Staff. I wasn’t a coin collector so I sold it on eBay and used the $85 take my wife to dinner. I mentioned it in the office and one of the guys told his friend, who was an aide for Gen. Pace. The aide told the General that someone sold one of his coins on eBay (he tell him who) and just about every time I saw Pace give out coins after that he’d say “and don’t sell this on eBay!”.
  14. Someone spent over $500 on a $30 knife, they got raped!
  15. I emailed the seller, they said: "OK...That makes sense... Im offering full refund and relaying all the emails to the new owner...def dont wanna make anyone mad...I tried to revise the auction But cant because of bids...Thanks!" Of course they didnt change the ad, they are hoping for some idiot to pay them a fortune for it.
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