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  1. Dragging this up again. Was there a liner with this auction? Best, Rob
  2. Very nice Kfields. Thank you for sharing pictures of your knife. Best, Rob
  3. Very nice. Nicest condition sheath I've ever seen. The belt loop is different from all others that I've seen too. Thank you for adding to the post. Best, Rob
  4. Thank you. Post some pictures when you can please. Best, Rob
  5. Hello folks, I know there are a few old threads on here regarding the Australian/New Zealand knives but thought I'd post pics of mine and some of you can add yours for reference. As we all know, we like it when we are searching the internet for information on something and we find that someone has taken the time to post some pictures or information regarding whatever it is we're looking for. My humble collection (so far). I made the new looking sheath. My first attempt at making something with leather and it works just fine. Best, Rob
  6. Quite a grand entrance there Eric. Largest collection of Ek's I've seen, that's for sure. Certainly shows a lot of hard work and dedication to your interest in Ek's. Much thanks for sharing. Best, Rob
  7. Thank you Glenn. I believe the fuller is factory done because the "John Ek" stamping appears to have been applied after the fuller was made but I've never seen another with a fuller so I'm a bit perplexed by it myself. Best, Rob
  8. The modern spin on the M6 sheath that I made.
  9. Great looking knives Glenn. Thank you for posting pictures. I'm partial to the older models like yours, but I only have two of the older models myself. I took an interest in the Richmond Ek's a few years ago and I have acquired a few of those. I recently made a sort of retro M6 style sheath with nylon webbing for the Ek/USM3 style knives because I needed a sheath for one of my older models. Here is my meager collection. I like the used/beat up knives in particular. Seems like it's easier to find mint ones than used ones. I guess guys don't let them go as easily once they actual
  10. Thank you Stealth.. I knew it was a long shot and I knew it most likely had issues that concerned the experts otherwise I wouldn't have won it. However, I also knew that it was an early fixed bail with an early style liner that I didn't have an example of in my collection. Worse case scenario is that the insignia is totally faked and I paid a little too much for a decent old helmet. O'well..
  11. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the top of the helmet and inside appear to be burnt(?). I have never handled a helmet that was cooked in but I imagine it to look a bit like what I see in this.. No idea.
  12. Hello folks, Any thoughts on this? I can't read the lot number. Lots of pictures in different light. Liner is Westinghouse with a 14 over it. I didn't have any of these earlier liners in my collection so I took a chance on it. Best, Rob
  13. Thank you Mike and Chris.. Took a lot of effort to get the kit from its previous owner.
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