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  1. I am afraid he appears to be another one of those people who felt a need to inflate or fabricate their service. I have not been able to locate any record of him serving with the US military or the French air service much less being a member of the Lafayette Escadrille. If he had shot down six EA as he claims there would be loads of documentation about him and his exploits.
  2. If you have his middle name or initial that would be helpful or any information such as where his was born or his parents name.
  3. There is no "Kelly" on the list of recognized Lafayette Flying Corps veterans.
  4. This item came up for sale a few years ago and I was wondering if anyone knows where it ended up?
  5. Truly an amazing group of artifacts but also it raises many questions. Please don't infer my questions as doubting the validity of the group, but they are simply my efforts to decipher the clues presented before me. These questions are not indictments, I'm just ticking off puzzling clues. I exclusively collect AFS and American Ambulance material, which doesn't in any way make e an expert but I have been studying these men for fairly long period of time. What I do know is William Lawrence Clark is an omit from the final roster of the American Field Service. Meaning that he wa
  6. Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm David! I'm on the verge of getting my first book published and hopefully my publisher will be interested in this project as well. Sincerely, Tom
  7. Two old ambulanciers, Waldo Peirce and Jon Dos Passos. Photo taken at Key West while both were visiting with Ernest Hemingway.
  8. Still working on it. Hope to have it wrapped by the summer.
  9. Joyeux anniversaire mon ami Waldo ! December 17, 1884
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