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    Always seeking W.W.II American General Officer uniforms, medals, letters, and flags.

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  1. I recently purchased this 4 star rank plate. You can see it once was the plate of a three star general then upgraded to four star. The plate is 9 x 6 made of thick aluminum an once had two arms that have been cut off, it has a number 0-686 stenciled on the back. Everything about the plate looks theater made. I have searched 0-686 and can come up with only one close match to that number that made 4 stars and thats Courtney Hodges 0-2686.. .I would like your input please, Thanks, Mark
  2. In the letter from the Navy Museum they say it’s the Order of merit from Chile...I agree the colors are in the wrong order, but not the first high ranking officer’s ribbon bar I’ve seen with the colors in the wrong order... I still believe the Alamy photo above shows the colors in the order of the coat
  3. Admin, Thanks for the feedback...If you look at the Alamy photo last ribbon first color, do you not think it matches the red in say the WWII victory medal or the ribbon directly above? The blue, red, white doesn’t match the color photo you provided. The tailor tag was sewn in the coat when it was tailored, no way to remove or add it without destroying the coat. The doctor (halsey’s personal) who received the jacket from Halsey thought enough of it to leave a special request as to who he wanted it to go to in his last will ( along with inscribed photo from Halsey to him) plus a signed 2 pa
  4. Thanks for the replies, just to follow up I have documentation from the person Halsey gave the uniform to back in the 50s. Admin, you are correct the color photo is not my coat. I have studied his uniforms for hours, the reason I believe the photos I posted are of him in the uniform is the last ribbon. On my coat its red blue white, as I believe the ones in my photo is, your color photo is blue white red as it appears on the one the Navy has of his I have attached this photo to better illustrates the color of my ribbon, he tended to wear this color ribbon post 1946,
  5. I believe this is him in the uniform as well.
  6. Fleet Admiral Halsey wearing the uniform
  7. Very Honored to add this to my collection
  8. Dave, Thanks for your kind words and direction to my web-site, Steve, thanks for looking at my site, you didn’t miss Shoup...right now i’m simply trying to help a friend solve the miystery of the triangle....while I know the complete history of the bag, because the bag does not belong to me all I can say is that there is no doubt it was Shoup’s bag... Mark
  9. Can anyone identify or tell me what the yellow triangle represents on this garment bag? Thanks in advance for your help. Mark
  10. President Harry S. Truman said "General Van Fleet is the greatest general we have ever had . . .This uniform is one my favorites in my collection.....named uniform of General Van Fleet..
  11. WWIIDADS. Attached photo of the tag which reads Brig Gen G C Marshall... also present is a cloth laundry tag with 01616 Mark
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