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  1. Beautiful patch, I just traded for one a couple of days ago but not quite as pretty as yours
  2. Ive always used Mothballs, but i suppose you dont like them either. lol
  3. Thanks fellas,they even look better in person !
  4. Calling Timberwolf ! finally got it posted for ya!
  5. The left sleeve had the 104th Div patch
  6. Found this Ike and matching shirt last week at an antique mall. Thought it was Reslly cool when I saw the shirt w/matching parches. The real surprise was when I checked the shirt pocket, and found a complete unsewn set. Happy Happy happy !
  7. Timberwolf, i try to post some pics this evening.
  8. Thanks vzemke, I was hoping for better news, but it is what it is. I got everything for less than a bill,so I guess in quite happy.Denny
  9. I thought I'd resurrect this old post and see what comes up? I wanted to know more about the patch and how to get some information on a vet ? Yesterday I picked up a named Ike jacket with the bevo patch and tab on the RIGHT shoulder, 104th patch on the left, including ribbons and brass. Under the Ike was a matching shirt w/same patches. To make things better in the shirt pocket was a complete set of the same patches,unsewn . Anybody know how good these patches are nowadays?as this post dates from 2007. Any input appreciated. I can post some pics this afternoon if you would like. Thanks Denny
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