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  1. Thank you for you input gentlemen, much appreciated.
  2. There is no tag and I can't find any evidence of one having been present.
  3. I picked this jacket up many years ago at a thrift store in Jacksonville, NC. It has a steel Crown one-directional chevron teeth zipper with spring slider. Jacket is in mint condition with the exception of some wear to the cuffs at the sleeves and around the bottom. What say ye?
  4. During my daily thrift store run today I spotted this book and when I opened it saw that it was signed by the author to a Vice Admiral Paul Foster. So when I got home I looked up the Vice Admiral and was surprised by the amazing career this man had. Below is what I pulled off ot the web about him. Vice Admiral Paul F. Foster, USNR (Retired), (1889-1972) Paul Frederick Foster was born on March 25, 1889 in Wichita, Kansas. He received a senatorial appointment from the State of Idaho to the U.S. Naval Academy. Following graduation in 1911, he served in the armored cruiser Washingt
  5. I have personally dealt with them and the quality of their work has ranged from ok to down right horrible. Do not waste your time or money dealing with these people.
  6. One of my favourites is "A Midnight Clear"
  7. These are the first ever uniform items that I have acquired that are from a General officer. This lady has had a long distinguished career and was just appointed the first ever female president of the State University of New York Maritime College. Carpenter received her commission through Aviation Officer Candidate School, NAS Pensacola, Florida, with Class 19-77 and was designated a Naval Aviator in July 1979. Graduating at the top of her class, she was assigned as the Navy's first Selectively Retained Graduate Instructor Pilot (SERGRAD) in the T-44 aircraft at VT-31, NAS Corpus Christi,
  8. I've been told these are mounted marine trousers.
  9. Just picked these up today. Unworn desert boots dated November 1990 in size 5R.
  10. So I went back to the surplus store and picked up this M-1939 service coat belonging to the same gentleman and was able to get the name of the former owner, Herbert Smith. There are 512 Herbert Smith's listed on the NARA site and I found one with the last four of 3226 which is inked in the converted jacket. Field Title Value Meaning ARMY SERIAL NUMBER 33543226 33543226 NAME SMITH#DREWRY#HERBERT#### SMITH#DREWRY#HERBERT#### RESIDENCE: STATE #3 Undefined Code RESIDENCE: COUNTY 127 Undefined Code PLACE OF ENLISTMENT 3386 RICHMOND VIRGINIA
  11. Here is a close up of the patches.
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