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    WWII Army Airforce uniforms, gear, and what not. <br />Also, Buckeye football, beer, golf.
  1. Spectacular! More photos if you have time!
  2. Well, to be fair, I didn’t say it’s worthless. Let me frame it this way. Is the group worth $25? Totally. Is it worth $250? No. Like Mariner said, it’s largely paper, missing the “sexy” stuff, and is big (which means it’s expensive to ship). So, the question is where between $25 and $250 should the value fall? Tough to say. AAF is what I collect, so I am reasonably informed on the subject. IMHO, it’s more towards the lower end than the upper, but maybe in the middle is the sweet spot as Mariner suggested. Again, just my observation.
  3. Unfortunately, cool and/or rare doesn’t always translate well into monetary value. I took a look at your group, and it’s neat, but I see why folks offered you a lot less than you are asking. Given that collectors are not falling over each other to grab this, I’d have to think the AF Museum would pass as well. Just my humble observations - no offense intended!
  4. Nice! There's a neat book (an old school one) on AAF DIs. Massaro I think was the author's name.
  5. Gotcha - thanks! Yep, Scottish Rite if I recall correctly. A masonic body. Well spotted!
  6. Bummer about the damage, but still a good economy example for a biginner. I kinda like the jerkin more.
  7. Well, couldnt he have been a Navy corpsman attached to a Marine unit? I think that is what the registry info is trying to convey.
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