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  1. I found this socket bayonet today and while it looks like a M1816 socket bayonet there are no US/Armory makings on it just a 7 and and some other kind of mark near it on the left-hand side of the socket. Approximately 19-1/4" OAL...Socket length 3-1/8".....Blade length just under 16".....Maybe a contract bayonet?
  2. Success! I found the heat stamp (7374) about 3" down and to the right of the rear seam. No letter prefix or suffix. Large letter. Canadian-made maybe?
  3. I found this swivel bail rear seam helmet at the flea market this morning. It had a very ill-fitting 1976 CMP liner in it. I looked for a heat stamp but all I found was a ink-stamped -38- inside. I guess the helmet had been refurbed given the pea green on the inside and dark green on the outside. Euro helmet?
  4. It looks like they might still be in business but the ceremonial swords seemed to be phased out and just some old stock pieces left.
  5. I found this Japan Sword Co. USN sword today. I know it's post WW-2 but I've not been able to find out anything at all about the company that made it. For what it is it seems well made.
  6. I bought a couple of M1C (well one was) helmets last week at the flea market and jokingly to the guy I bought them from to find me some helmet covers. I saw him today and he handed me this '69 dated ERDL cover for $3.00. It's been on a helmet but it still has good color.
  7. The above appears to be a Austrian M75 helmet liner.
  8. M339D is the stamp in the "new" looking one.
  9. I found these two M1Cs at a local flea market this morning....I really don't know squat about M1Cs. Any insight would be appreciated. The first one has a '67 dated suspension, '69 liner, unmarked or faded away nape strap, Y, and chin strap. Chin strap is not the snap-in type and though it's worn almost as much as the rest of the webbing I suspect it is a replacement. No anchor on the clasp. It's named to James G. Coughlin. The second one looks un-issued (pot, webbing, and liner shell) with a '67 suspension and a '71 dated liner. No nape strap. Un-marked Y-straps, chin
  10. I found this plastic Euro M1-type helmet (liner?). Leather liner/chin strap. Size 56-58 is the only marking....W. German maybe?
  11. Two Augusta Arsenal refurbs. M1911 1914 Colt frame. 1918 - 1926 Colt slide. High Standard barrel. (Parked) M1911A1 '43 Colt frame. Remington-Rand slide. Blued Flannery barrel.
  12. Given what they could be had for over current collector's lifetimes I can sorta understand as they are pretty much just a collection of parts. Kind of like what has happened to the prices of all mil-surps we used to get dirt cheap. It's still hard for me to believe what folks paid for the current Annision Depot refurbs sold through the CMP but they are part of the M1911 series military history and no more will be refurbed/re-issued by the military. The latest date a Augusta Arsenal marked refurb could have been done is 1955 when they closed. Since they were re-issued (the M1911A1s) s
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