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  1. I have to agree with you on the odd look of the wear and age on this helmet. Based on just those pictures I sure don't get that good feeling I like to start with when I first lay eyes on a painted helmet (Of any kind). Especially the bottom of the "5" looks really odd.
  2. Costa, I'm not arguing that point, I was replying to Rooster's comment that he was referring to the re-listed helmet description as a reason for return and not the original auction and listing description where the seller clearly stated he didn't know if it was a WWII set or not. I do agree it's a nice set, just not what we hoped it to be.
  3. Where are you seeing that in the original listing? His current re-listing of the helmet has a new description that you are quoting. Here is the entire description used in the first auction: Military helmet WW II ? Estate Find not sure which military or time period Appears to be original. Please view photos. On Oct-29-20 at 15:42:40 PDT, seller added the following information: Camo Helmet On Oct-30-20 at 11:36:33 PDT, seller added the following information: Similar to this item? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-WWII-WW2-WORLD-WAR-TWO-US-ARM
  4. Good looking helmet shell. Doesn't appear to be a Unit Insignia, per se, but could be hundreds of uses as a small unit / section marking, or training marking etc. in any of the services / branches. Would be my best guess. Troy
  5. That's not a reason to return it. Unless the seller mislead the buyer. He took a chance and it didn't work out. You win some you loose some. If it would've turned out to be a famous IWO vet set worth $$$$, would the buyer send the seller more money after figuring it out? LOL Now on the other hand, if the seller is indeed "Screamingeagles101", he also knows exactly what he had and why he listed it the way he did, hoping someone would go after his scam, hook, line and sinker, take a chance on it and pay way over what it was worth. If this is the case, I would send it back
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Camo-helmet-Estate-find/203190875961?hash=item2f4f1eb739:g:tzgAAOSwHK1fuXpP Costa, Is this back up for sale, or is this another scam, using your helmet pics? The seller doesn't seem to be highlighting all the known information to your helmet now? Troy
  7. Thanks Ron. Would love to see your grouping. Did you post it?
  8. Owen, You think post exchange set? Wouldn’t they still have uniform manufacture tags in them? Maybe things were different back then but my experience with post exchanges from the 80s Has been actual official uniforms for sale inside same as you get issued or a better quality option. But if that is the case, what time period do you think they would be from then? Late 50’s / Early 60’s?
  9. I guess another option could be theater made for hot weather, being the lighter material. Just throwing ideas out?
  10. Also forgot to mention, no buttons on the shirt cuffs
  11. Maybe these are common and I’m just missing something, but I picked these up today and the HBT material doesn’t seem as thick as the World War II or Korean war era HBT‘s I have owned. They have white stitching, the military star buttons, the black and yellow US Army tape Above the pocket but no manufacture tags inside of either the shirt or pants. There are some laundry numbers. They’ve been stored very heavily starched and pressed and many professional repairs done on the trousers. My guess at this point would be Post Korea Pre-Vietnam and because of the Larger size and no rank maybe a civili
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