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  1. Hello, Still looking for an antenna bag, whip antenna, and a radio pack / frame.
  2. The Seller's description: This lot is for Barshar's original and last ribbon bar and pilot wings. The identical bar is pictured on his uniform. The only flaw is a roset device missing off one of the Vietnam era ribbons. nicely mounted on cloth backing, 100% guaranteed original! Wings are marked L-22. RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A RIBBON BAR OR A VICE ADMIRAL WHO WAS A WWII US ACE! Comes with paperwork and original signed doc.
  3. That's made me laugh!! Anyway, I agree 100% that is NOT erdl pattern, not even close. Love the helmet and history though!! Outstanding. Troy
  4. I think it's good, but that's just my opinion from the pics and I'm sure as any helmet with no history, all it will ever be is opinions and no proof either way. I also think the only reason is sold for that kind of money with no name, no history and no liner is because it was listed from a non-collector / dealer (so the "Barn Find" of the internet world), and a goofy (I don't know what I have) title: MILITARY CAMO METAL HELMET WITH CAMOUFLAGE OLD ARMY WITH STRAP GREAT CONDITION Sitting on a dealers table at the SOS or the for sale section here it would've struggled to hit the
  5. Thanks for the update. Seeing this uniform again, I sure wish I would've kept it. That's what I get for putting behind my table still in view after I purchased it instead of packing it away. I was quickly talked out of it. Troy
  6. Threads do no good for future use if we don't post pictures of the item in question. Here is the original item being asked about.
  7. I see the seller is in France, so if this helmet was legit there would be a waiting list to purchase it. It would never make to eBay.
  8. Would be nice to know if this was your buyer or not and if so, we can add him to the ever growing list. If him, what a shame, he sells tons of military and most likely been embellishing many items over the years then.
  9. Thanks for posting your variation, very nice example! That's one of the variants that I kept coming across. Troy
  10. Very nice and yes that's definitely a match to mine. Glad to see it and thanks for sharing. Troy
  11. Actually I was referring to the original part of this post. But I haven't had much free time to watch the news lately. Outstanding accomplishment for sure and good for her! (Not meaning the diaper wearing one). LOL
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