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  1. Scott, Hope these help. I couldn't find anything regarding his WWII service that you mentioned. Best, Nic
  2. Thank you all for the comments. I usually don't purchase items like these. In fact I try to stay away from anything SEAL related unless I can vet it first. The seller had this jacket listed as a "Navy Combat Jacket" and was asking $12.00 shipped for it. I figured I'd take a shot at it for 12 bucks. When it showed up last week, I noticed the postage cost for the seller was $12.98! The jacket looks to be almost unworn. No rips, tears or fading. The patches also look "new", but not new as in they have the appearance they were sewn on yesterday. The name tapes are similar to the ones issued to me in the USAF during the 90s. It is a weird jacket. I'm leaning towards it being a vet's parade jacket as previously mentioned, but who knows. Thanks again for the comments.
  3. Thank you for the comments. I appreciate it. I've attached photos showing the stitching.
  4. Hello All, I was hoping for some opinions as to the originality of this jacket. I know the jacket itself is legit, but was unsure of the patches. I have no info on the owner or anything else related to it. Thanks!
  5. I would agree. I suspect this is a B-25 crew from one of the groups that flew with the 57th Bomb Wing, 12th Air Force in the MTO.
  6. Thank you all for the comments and additional information. I appreciate it!
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