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  1. I was looking at this fantastic collection again since my October reply and a question came to mind. For the individual who doesn't have the means of searching the battlefield sites as you have, is there a way of telling if one found at a gun or antique show is authentic? Again great pieces. Thanks, Ed
  2. Your "man cave" is so much nicer than just nice, as my generation would say "far out, man". Thanks for posting photos. Hope you have many hours of enjoyment there.
  3. Fantastic collection and outstanding display.
  4. Shown is a pocket patch for the USAF 817th Troop Carrier Squadron, now designated as the 817th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron.
  5. Got this off ebay. It's an 8x10 black & white photo of a platoon of Army Air Force GI's. The only insignia showing are ranks & AAF. Only one hat insignia is shown being worn, They are all wearing pistol belts & leggings. Don't know what unit, location or the occasion. I would guess it is 1942 or later. Any comments?
  6. This is a really nice display with great items. Thanks for posting.
  7. All I can say Is: WOW, Fantastic, Outstanding, Cool, Neat!
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