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  1. Brit made Leg Bags, well worn one found in St. Mere Eglise
  2. John Sample B/377 Pathfinder plane #3
  3. Just to tease you a bit, everything is original . 82nd and 101st.
  4. :rolleyes:Who'd want a bunch of old bird patches like that anyway ?
  5. I like how he has tucked the helmet strap through the A-frame of the helmet liner.
  6. I'm not trying to pick on you or cause a problem with this, but this is evident of the problems that can be caused here. I, you, or anyone can simply state a helmet is fake with or without proof - if you want a thread like this to work it has to have supporting evidence, trust me I've dealt in helmets, airborne, and Waffen SS items for 40 years and I can pretty well tell what's good and what's bad but without proof I would never expose something as fake unless I quantified it as my opinion.
  7. Well, again I have to ask, what made the 501st helmet from Kerstens fake. The threads on it have a lot of debate over the ways it was offered for sale, but there was no factual proof that anyone created it so to just state it's fake without proof then state "I'm out" when called on it has no purpose. Again I think you're on a slippery slope here and IMHO your best off to discuss or expose each helmet individually instead of this mass of conjecture, granted there are known fakes here but to try and lump this into one big thread versus individual discussions will only defeat what this helmet for
  8. I'm curious what made this a fake helmet, or is this just an opinion. Seems this thread could become a witch hunt real quick without evidence, not saying it's not a bad idea but if someone is going to declare a helmet as fake they should have the evidence to back it up and prove it.
  9. Being a fully embroidered oval you may want to take clear pics front and back of this one, it may be a 517th oval.
  10. It may have been, but there were two versions of the "sticker" issued - one with the saying and one without as posted.
  11. My small contribution to this post, I acquired some original paperwork of Fredericks some years ago and retained this for my collection - passing the paperwork to a friend.
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