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  1. Well, you guys still have it easy! Here in the UK, if we want to fire blanks through real weapons at a re-enactment event, you have cost of hire (typically about $60-$100 per weapon) and then ammo is nearly $2 a round sometimes. Not cheap! However, I've taken the cost of ammo into account so am more than happy to pay for anything I shoot. I have to say, I've been truly humbled by the number or people who have posted on here and contacted me via PM offering to help out. I wish I could take you all up on your kind offers. I'm still at the planning stages of the trip, and hopefully when I have a
  2. I would absolutely be up for that. Would cover costs of ammo and clean weapons afterwards. Question is, would anyone be prepared to let a 25 year old Brit out on the range with their treasures?!?
  3. Thanks Brig. A friend of mine got some trigger time in at a range on the East Coast, and said it was a blast, but it was only any good for firing more modern weapons (Glocks, AR's and the like). Whilst I'd love to fire some of this stuff, WWII's my real passion so if there are any locations that anyone knows of where I could do that, that'd be great. As for fully automatic, well, that would be really neat too, but it's not essential.
  4. I'm looking into travelling to the good ol' US of A at some point soon, and whilst there I'd really like to visit a range and fire some genuine WWII (and more current) weaponry. Does anyone know where this might be possible? I've no idea where I might be going whilst over there, so all recommendations and feedback are welcome! Thanks! Jon
  5. I'm interested to see this, as I purchased two identical ones to this last year. One thing of note is that the end of the handle doesn't have quite the same shape as all of the "normal" M1943 tools I have (with dates and maker). It's closer to the M1961(?) pattern Vietnam era entrenching tools. I have speculated that these may have been made sometime postwar to bridge the gap between the last year of production (1945) and the more updated M1961's. However, given the HUGE number of M1943's kicking around when the war ended, this may well be a load of bull. They just strike me as being too well
  6. Johan, thanks very much for then information. Sadly, I'm not surprised so few survived, but it's good to know the only examples are bring taken care of. Just so happens I may have an opportunity to go see them next year, so the details are appreciated.
  7. Ian! Ha! Nice try! They are being reproduced, but more on a cottage industry basis than widespread. Johan, I made a mistake, they are in fact the ammo pouches used by the 551st and 503rd, not 517th (as far as I'm aware...) and 503rd. They are the types seen below: To the best of my knowledge, they were manufactured in Australia and possibly Panama by the para maintenance sections, to increase ammo carrying capacity. I think there might be a few pictures of a possible original in MDT's FABTF book, but don't know if it's definitely confirmed. I'm unaware of any other p
  8. I'm interested in trying to find out some information on the custom ammo pouches used by troops in the 517th and 503rd. Does anyone have anything they'd be happy to share? Particularly interested if there are any original examples remaining, either in personal collections or museums. Thanks in advance
  9. These look great, I love that someone is prepared to produce something which we are in need of, but might not necessarily be the sexiest para related gear. Good job. Looks to be up to your usual standard, so no complaints there. I'd love to see these for sale, but, as usual, my biggest concern would be the price. I know how good your stuff is, as I own some of it, but to guys like myself who are constantly having to watch the pennies, cost is a BIG issue. I get that you produce your gear in house, and as such price is higher than some of your competitors, but I'd probably struggle to justify t
  10. I own lots of stuff from Josh, and it's great. His recent stuff has improved a lot over the stuff he was producing a few years back, and I can safely say there is no one else out there doing a better job. His stuff might no be cheap, but he's a great guy to deal with and his stuff lasts.
  11. Looks like a variation of the PT (Progressive Technologies) armor. however, for a better respsonse, perhaps try posting it in the body armor section. No doubt someone there will be able to give a better answer. Cheers, Possum
  12. Great news! Let me know once they're done and I'll try and take one of your hands Poss
  13. No para ones Paul? If not, when you likely to do some more?
  14. Well, thanks for all the comments. Seeing as I'm ordering this weekend and 38R's are out of stock, it look's like my decision's been made for me, and a 40R it is. Will let you all know what I think when it arrives! Poss
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