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    Besides collecting military items it would be water sports, Shooting, Female's (lol), Road trip's, Concert's, Playing Guitar (I have a Gibson V and play out of a Marshall, old school baby!), Sports and cooking. Used to be dancing but the clubs aint what they used to be!! Neither am I for that matter, Lol..

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  1. They are not threaded but pressed on so you really wouldn't know one had been on it if it was removed. As far as value goes many collect large bore items, the problem with this one would be in the shipping, but if cleaned up and repainted to original and ID''ed I would say between 100-200 dollars would be a safe price to get for it.
  2. Hole on the bottom would be a tracer well which would make it a naval projectile, the best way to clean this is to use a small sand blaster but make sure you use something to protect the rotating band. Also, by the fact it has single driving band I would probably guess it dates from early 1900's-mid 1900's and I would bet if you sand blast with a light sand and not go heavy you will find stampings on it, Also, it could have had a ballistic shield on the nose that has been removed as this picture will show.
  3. Thanks guys very much, really. I was more upset about the suggestion of me selling drugs and the fact that it was compared to selling crack to crack heads.. Way off line if you ask me to make those statements and the fact that he used me 100% in reference to what is wrong when what I do, if anything, is 100% right! Just smacked me as wrong but I know he is by far the minority in that line of thinking. I have noticed that he has made no attempt to refute in any way his statement nor to apologize for the drug reference. I have just completed a move and my mom has been very ill so I have not bee
  4. Sorry about that Grant and I apologize for being so rude, just a bit angry about how I was compared by someone that has no clue and the fact that it was insinuated that I put drugs in with my items for them to do what they do., still a bit chaffed on that one but life will go on as I know it. Cheers, Kevin
  5. And another one! Yeah, sorry Grant, I don't sell reproduction anything bud nor have a clue what you are talking about in M7 holsters.. Shheesh, come on.. You know what, I have sold a LOT of stuff to forum members and more then once gave it to them for less then what THEY offered for it, let alone what I could sell it for. I guess I just have to like you, or at least not dislike you to be real about it which takes a bit of doing to happen, Hey, and guess what...
  6. "My personal theory is that he's packing medicinal marijuana into those kits to get that kind of cash. ;-) In the vernacular of economics whether speaking about bubbles, or ponzi schemes, each relies upon the "bigger crackhead" theory. You can make money selling anything, you just have to find a bigger crackhead to pay more for it." Hmmm, I am not sure how I want to approach this as I am a bit mentally worn from doing a move and having my mother being ill so I will defer it till a later time for fear that I might get a bit nasty, but I will say I do not appreciate the remark of pac
  7. The Mil works is running smooth with all gears working. Here is a cool MC Nam web set for your enjoyment. :thumbsup: On Deck, WW2 BAR set In the hole, WW2 Carbine set
  8. You have time to save Terry as it will be at least a week till I have it complete.. :thumbsup:
  9. Here is a few things that is going in that stew Terry..
  10. Thanks guys. Got one in the works right now Terry, 43-45 dated stuff..
  11. My latest creation for you guys to enjoy, all is dated 41-42.. :thumbsup:
  12. I don't think it is U.S. G.I. issue as it's to clean for any markings to be faded off. :think:
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