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  1. Like everyone else, its a fantastic accomplishment and work. I know nothing about medals, but as most of us, I respect the service that went into the award. I am going to enjoy the history, and hopefully learn a thing or two about the medals that represent these humbling achievements/actions.
  2. Grant, I am sure you have seen D.E. Dickie Truro, Nova Scotia listed in the unit history. I have seen this guy on the roster to Oran, Algeria listed in second section, 2nd Co 3rd Regiment with the same F-30467 number. There are far better opinions about the tag itself.
  3. I have to add, anyone looking into anything regarding the 101st should check in with Mark Bando's work. Its kinda like the expresson, "without saying..." His books and website are unequalled. Although as he has stated that his attention is more Facebook than his website, under the "Equipment" section, there is a really nice discussion on the stencils of the 101st.
  4. If you visit the site, "Ramsbury at War" and go under the tab "101st" you will see the M1 used by Gil Morton in Normandy. He brought it back and donated it to his host family. I would also imagine that in Ian Gardner's books about the 3/506 that there should be a host of photos detailing the wartime markings
  5. I'll put my vote for a blue background and bullion wing
  6. thanks for sharing, made it there by chance once and impressive
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