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    I am an US Army veteran, spent most of my time with Alpha Company 'Aces', 3rd Battalion, 229th Attack Helicopter Regiment, 18th Aviation Brigade, 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg. I am primarily a US headgear collector, but I probably have a little of everything. I volunteer at Museum of the Soldier in Portland, Indiana when I'm not working or spending time with the family.

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  1. I’d price the plain one and WW2 liner at $150 and the USMC covered one with P55 liner at $200 and go from there.
  2. That's true as M1C liners never had the removable suspension.
  3. The liner without the grommet in the front is a P55 (1955-1963) model. That would jive with the USMC cover being used in the 1950s. Shell straps weren't updated but that's not uncommon, i.e. "If they ain't broke, don't fix them".
  4. Both shells look like rear seam swivel bales (RS/SB), late WW2 production. Heat lot stamp numbers won't tell you much, they are both rear seam and therefore late war (1944-45). Any original shell with sewn on khaki straps is WW2, swivel bales being later than fixed bales. Next came sewn on OD green straps, then green painted buckled-on straps, then black buckled-on straps in Vietnam, and finally angled clip-on straps at the end. I can't comment on the model or originality of the USMC camo cover, but I think the slits make it a later one. Does it have USMC insignia on the front? The o
  5. I believe this is a SM Wholesale cover which retails for $49.00 on their site. https://www.smwholesaleusa.com/shop-us/wwii-usmc-helmet-cover
  6. Light gray was was my guess also, always helpful to hear it from Navy vets. Thanks!
  7. The caption for this photo is, "Captain John J. Herrick, USN, Commander Destroyer Division 192 (at left) and Commander Herbert L. Ogier, USN, Commanding Officer of USS Maddox on 13 August 1964. They were in charge of the ship during her engagement with three North Vietnamese motor torpedo boats on 2 August 1964. Photographed by PH3 White. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center". Is the color of CDR Ogier's M1 white or light grey? Does anyone have a better photo of CAPT Herrick's M1 or what was on it? Thanks!
  8. Agree on trying to uncover what stamps, not worth destroying the originality. I date shells by their current configuration and not when it was originally made. In other words, this is probably a 1945 shell but with 1960-73 black buckle on straps. Speaking of straps, here’s a quick note on how they are attached and the dates of each. Sewn on khaki - WW2 Sewn on OD7 dark green - late WW2/Korea Green painted buckles - Korea 1953 thru 1960 Black painted buckles - 1960-73 (Vietnam) Angled clip on straps - 1973-90
  9. Don’t hate on me, but I won it for $43.95 with free shipping (from CA even!). I can’t hurt the originality so I’m going to try washing the ugly paint off. If that doesn’t work, I have helmet covers!
  10. Don’t hate on me, but I won it for $43.95 with free shipping (from CA even!). I can’t hurt the originality so I’m going to try washing the ugly paint off. If that doesn’t work, I have helmet covers!
  11. Disregarding the awful paint, it's a 1960-73 shell with a minty P55 (1955-63) liner. Would make a nice Vietnam lid with a Mitchell cover over it.
  12. Very nice cap! I like color contrasting caps, I have one that is opposite.
  13. I think anyone who collects military uniforms (either navy or CW) will recognize that this is a theatrical costume. It's not going to "fool" anybody, or at least it shouldn't. Interestingly, they also used USN line officer stars for the general's stars.
  14. Set up to be a Civil War army major general's (2 star) uniform (3 button clusters per side as per regulation). Major General Winfield Scott Hancock;
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