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    I am an US Army veteran, spent most of my time with Alpha Company 'Aces', 3rd Battalion, 229th Attack Helicopter Regiment, 18th Aviation Brigade, 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg. I am primarily a US headgear collector, but I probably have a little of everything. I volunteer at Museum of the Soldier in Portland, Indiana when I'm not working or spending time with the family.

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  1. I suspect there are a few missing ribbons. They aren't vertically aligned, but are the ends of 2 other rows of insignia. Assuming the 2 clutches in view are from the ribbon bar, those look like a shorter 2-ribbon bar above that one with clutch back wings above the 2 rows of 5 ribbons. { WINGS } [2 RIBBON ROW] [3 RIBBON LONG ROW]
  2. I just noticed that the black 'arm' in the pattern on the M1 is the same on the ACH but rotated 180 degrees.
  3. I already know this is a 33rd Armor Regiment DUI. The standard insignia has nothing on top. So which battalion uses the WW1 style tank on top? Thanks! Standard DUI (top), the one I have with collar brass (bottom):
  4. Thanks! Looking at the dates, that's 20 years of evolution from 1983-2003. That's my Kevlar in the middle that I wore from 1991-1994. I was told the early goggles are green frame and black strap.
  5. The evolution of the woodland helmet cover from the M1 to PASGT to ACH.
  6. Hard to believe, but the ACH is approaching 20 years of service soon. I found a shell that needed some help and gathered enough parts to restore it. The shell is a MSA with original black straps and buckles. I found used black and green MSA pads and NOS green eye-wear retention straps. On top is a black label and strap MSA reversible cover. The goggles are desert tan, but whoever Garrett was, he had a sense of humor. I'm still looking early green/black goggles. Opinions and feedback? Thanks!
  7. Definitely an early piece (1947-1951) with the AAF patch on there. I think they were dropped by the mid-50s. Name should be researchable.
  8. Thanks! I don't have goggles like that (just the old M-1944 model we had in the 90s). The woodland cover doesn't have a slit anywhere close to the hole and I don't want to cut one. I'll start a new thread on this ACH.
  9. Sorry to jump into this thread, but I'm restoring a 2005 MSA ACH. It currently has original MSA black straps and black/green MSA pads. I'm putting a reversible woodland/DCU cover (black label MSA) on it along with OD green eyewear retention straps on the rear. It does not have the hole in the cover for a NVD mount so I'm leaving it off. The goggles have a tan strap and black lens cover. Does this sound correct for the timeframe? I know green and black hardware were interchangeable and used concurrently.
  10. Looks like in that photo he is wearing his WW2 Victory ribbon up top and has a couple of stars on his PTO ribbon. Must have seen some action late in the war (1944 onwards), possibly in the Philippines if the last ribbon is the Philippine Liberation Medal. Roy Allen Davis, service number 360170 for future reference.
  11. Right?!? It went 3 weeks without any comments and I thought that was a shame.
  12. Straps with green painted hardware are 1951-1960, so that jives with a 1952 CAPAC liner.
  13. I have not, seams moved late in 1943 just after the transition to swivels (as I understand it) so there are occasionally some swivel bail front seams during the changeover, but can't say I've ever seen a fixed bail rear seam.
  14. Bingo. Customarily officers and enlisted do not fraternize, so on post there was an enlisted club (ours was called the 'stab-and-jab' for the number of drunken fights) and the officer's club (O-club).
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