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  1. Mohawk, don't know. I'm not going to get into the political side of it but I did find it interesting, the Seattle Times used to be the more right-leaning newspaper in the city.
  2. A more detailed guide to the munitions available for riot control.
  3. In the local news a couple of days ago. Handy ordnance guide to what you may find on your local cities these days. Commentary not expected.😶
  4. Alan & Jean Yanco, both from Boston but moved here (Pacific NW) in the 1950's. My best friend from High school's parents. They are both passed now. Alan was a SSGT in the ETO. I'm not sure what exactly his job was. In civilian life he was a furrier.
  5. Meat can carrier, M-1910 Infantry pack. They didn't have straps, just a bit of hardware to hold them to the pack.
  6. During the war years were these shipped live like this? Or were they armed at their destination?
  7. It just takes an extension cord with a round female end. I've got a post-war phono -P.A. and it has the same system.
  8. Mess hall spoon, not mess kit. US Navy spoons are marked 'USN'.
  9. By the way, if anyone would like this unit, you may come by the Seattle area and pick it up.
  10. A larger unit with turntable. This is post war, even without the .45RPM adapter. Used for playing reveille and retreat records I suspect. ttachment=1465968:phpwofchgAM.jpg]
  11. Eric Braeden after 40+ years, retired from "One Life to Live" The shows producers finally killed him off, though he looked pretty healthy for 80 or so years old. My wife was heartbroken.
  12. Welcome Geezer. Not quite as old as you but my father and his 4 brothers were WWII era sojers and my brother and other family members Vietnam and cold war vets. Born and bred in Bellingham and now I live 90 miles south in Seattle. Nothing better than the Pacific Northwest!
  13. Not a tank but a modern-ish artillery piece, 155mm. On a trip back from Montana, my wife and I stopped in Kellogg Idaho. This piece was in a nice memorial for Idaho veterens. Their was also a nice plaque for Lt. Frank Reasoner; Medal of Honor awardee, Vietnam War.
  14. My Dad's ordnance watch. He was an artillery officer in the Philippines with MacArthur.
  15. Steve 1989 checks his stuff out pretty carefully, he won't eat anything that looks suspect. Yes, he is quite entertaining.
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