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  1. Depending on the size, I would guess a private purchase bedroll cover. I Think M-1935 is the military version.
  2. Long hair was not really unknown in the regulars in the "70's either, they kept after you a bit more. As for the back story; well let's just say I was under official review and I did have to lose the beard. First and last time I ever got a shave from a professional how some ever! :0
  3. Not unusual to see 'longhaired' guardsman in the 1970's.
  4. Wasn't 'JR' dispatched in this production also?
  5. As someone a bit ignorant of Civil War insignia, I understand Co. M but 5th Reg. or perhaps Battalion and the bugle?
  6. And fun we had, in our green pickle suits! Camp Thomas, along the Rhine river,1977.
  7. Mohawk, don't know. I'm not going to get into the political side of it but I did find it interesting, the Seattle Times used to be the more right-leaning newspaper in the city.
  8. A more detailed guide to the munitions available for riot control.
  9. In the local news a couple of days ago. Handy ordnance guide to what you may find on your local cities these days. Commentary not expected.😶
  10. Alan & Jean Yanco, both from Boston but moved here (Pacific NW) in the 1950's. My best friend from High school's parents. They are both passed now. Alan was a SSGT in the ETO. I'm not sure what exactly his job was. In civilian life he was a furrier.
  11. Meat can carrier, M-1910 Infantry pack. They didn't have straps, just a bit of hardware to hold them to the pack.
  12. During the war years were these shipped live like this? Or were they armed at their destination?
  13. It just takes an extension cord with a round female end. I've got a post-war phono -P.A. and it has the same system.
  14. Mess hall spoon, not mess kit. US Navy spoons are marked 'USN'.
  15. By the way, if anyone would like this unit, you may come by the Seattle area and pick it up.
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