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  1. No no hole in brim this was not a factory reject it was a painted helmet from the soldier. I wish I had more info on it but it is legit.
  2. Looking for help identifying this logo on the helmet for someone. Her grandfather was a ranger in ww2 and this was with his stuff.
  3. So I am posting this here because I think it's the best place to post it I'm not saying it's civil war but I do know for a fact that is is older then 1940. It looks to be dyed or maybe painted but I think dyed. It has 12 stars instead of 13 the 12th is missing for some reason ? It seems to be dyed on thick cloth .. it had a wooden stick handle that was broken and rotted only a little piece left. It is 31"x45" . Has anyone ever seen one like this ? Thanks
  4. I acquired this recently and absolutely love it. I really don't collect WW1 items. I mainly collect WW2 german stuff. But I love these painted helmets they are incredibly cool and are very personal. I have seen alot of awesome painted helmets on this site. Great place for info.
  5. Haven't posted in awhile but I recently came across the ww1 painted helmet 1st Army 21st engineers. Any thoughts on this ? I have more pics but cannot post them on the same post Thanks
  6. Here is a pic of the reverse side .Thanks guys for the info so far ...The HUNTER patch has an some kind paper backing ...
  7. Picked these up today at a local place i have never been before for $1.00 each figured who could go wrong . Anyone know anything on these ???? Thanks ..
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