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  1. The box doesn't seem special to me, no writing or anything. Seems like a waste to leave it in the dumb box I would open it. When I display for people, in my limited experience things in boxes are not exciting and are boring.
  2. I think its just a gift shop item. I just don't see them giving that to anyone.
  3. FNGRyan


    I don't think current ones are even sterling anymore. Am I right?
  4. OK third to last picture, there is 2 metal pecies ( one has a lanyard) what are those?!?!?! I've been trying to find out Thanks for any response
  5. Well, don't know what it is but you got a hellva group there! Ryan
  6. Thanks! Sorry for the strange double post, and a hobby lobby just opened near me so i'll check it out. Thanks again, Ryan
  7. Its around 20 x 25 inches, and i would like to display it, not store it, so a pillow case won't really work i think. And for the frame, do i let the pressure between the glass and backing hold the piece or do i tack it some how? I dont think there is a way to tack it though without damaging the piece somehow (thats also why i dont like places like Micheals, as they would of tacked it) Ryan
  8. Hello all, I recently aquired an old flag from ww2 (cotton it seems with alot of wording painted on, not to big also) and I want to frame it. However, I dont know where to get it done, i dont know of any places in central florida that do this and frankly i dont trust the corporations like Michaels with the piece for the estimated 3 to 4 weeks! So my question is, does anyone know any place in central florida to get a flag preserved/framed? Or should i do it myself? Which i have a feeling I'm gunna have to do. thanks in advance for any help. Ryan
  9. Always liked railway items like this, its a great reminder of what could of been. Ryan
  10. Nice! I save 2 really nice ww2 backpacks recently at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. I was looking at them and the person running it said .50! She said that she was just about to through it in the dumpster until i grabed it, as they were closing up... some people dont know what they have and either throw it out (like a lot do here in fl) or raise the price x10! Anyway, good job! Ryan
  11. Btt, anyone know where handforth pow camp is? thanks, Ryan
  12. Its similar to the seven gods, as in the size and general shape. And it looks like someone took their time with it, as it is really high quality, but I'm no expert on this. Maybe the all represent something? I'm not good on japanese culture, and dont know how similar it is to chinese beliefs and culture. Ryan
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