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  1. Hi Joe, That's great :thumbsup: . Thanks for the info, Bryan
  2. Found these medals listed as a lot on a UK auction site. Was wondering if there is any chance that they can be traced to the awardees. Thanks, Bryan UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Campaign Medals (4), United States Army, Spanish War Service Medal, 1898-1899 (29125), with reverse pin for wear; United States Army, Cuban Pacification Medal, 1906-1909 (No. 5731), with reverse pin for wear; United States Marine Corps, Mexican Service Medal, 1911 – 1917 (1385), with reverse pin for wear; United States Army, Mexican Border Service Medal, 1916-1917 (4965), with reverse pin for wear. All toned, o
  3. Early Brooch Marine Corp Cuban Pacification Medal http://www.ebay.com/itm/Early-Brooch-Marin...=item336b3c8a7d
  4. Same seller has a couple more nice ones up for sale, Rare Original 1930s Marine Crop Yangtze Service Medal: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Original-1930...=item336b212dcf
  5. Wonder how long this one will last :think: Bryan http://cgi.ebay.com/US-ARMY-MEDAL-HONOR-CA...=item2c5e182ba9
  6. Matt, Am in total agreement with you on this. These days it seems you can choose between a nice group or a good down payment on a new car, six months of food for the family or a tank of gas in the car Bryan
  7. NIc, Thanks for posting the link. Knew I had seen this one before but could not remember where, Bryan
  8. This group was up for auction on a British medals website and finished tonight for 4505 British Pounds or just over $6600. Far more than what I could afford to offer, Bryan http://www.neateauctions.co.uk/auction_det...ction_id=109701 Bronze Star (ANDREW F. HILL), Purple Heart (ANDREW F. HILL), American Campaign Medal, European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with one silver & one bronze star emblems, American Legion Valor Medal (A. F. HILL. W2-124-538). With original unit patches, ribbon bars, Bronze Star citation, Purple Heart award document, Presidential condolence scr
  9. So nice to have those wonderful people looking out for us :thumbdown: Bryan
  10. Seems both the PH and the case have had a tough life
  11. Normal not named PH but the writing on the inside of the case makes it all the more interesting. Name of the Soldier along with a list of the places he has been: http://cgi.ebay.com/WWII-Purple-Heart-Box-...=item1c1d3b5745 Bryan
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