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  1. From what I recall, these photos, which may be stills from a film, were made for demonstration on handling of freshly caught P.O.W.s; likely they didn't have any Waffen SS 'flage on hand to clothe the "German", so they used the U.S. Jungle Suit. I did some business with a Frenchman years ago who became a U.S. citizen. He told me a story about his grandmother in France, which she related to him when he was visiting his family over there. She had gotten ahold of a quantity of unused surplus One-Piece Jungle Suits (the camo Coveralls we are discussing) which she endeavored to soak in a vat of dark blue dye for conversion into standard work suits. She said it was frustrating, because the dark brown spots kept showing through, no matter how many times she tried to dye them...when he told me this story, we both laughed and agonized over the various fates of War surplus items in the late '40s-'50s! That said, this is more proof that some of the One-Piece Jungle Suits did find their way into the ETO.
  2. Quite correct; every '45-dated (and even a couple of '44s, IIRC) Army Belt I've seen was made without clip retainers. Interestingly, the Marine Corps kept them in their Ammo Belts even into the '50s.
  3. I have heard that these were produced...now I've seen one Not only is that rig quite historic, but you couldn't improve on that condition!!!!! Thanks for showing us that killer!
  4. Raul, thanks for showing all that fine stuff- that group of Dressing Pouches is unreal
  5. Oh, man...just unreal!! Thanks so much for showing this killer display!
  6. It actually looks pretty small when standing in the middle of the room
  7. The first '42 Suit I ever bought has been through 3 different guys.
  8. Where is the "Drooling" emoticon when I need it...?
  9. One-Piece Jungle Suits, all mint except for the one in the center, which was only washed once (not by me!)...and this isn't even close to all the different colors I've seen on these.
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