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  1. Wow, that's pretty neat. I've never seen that variant before.
  2. Definitely worth 40 bucks, as there's no question that it's a Marine Corps Case (spring hooks on the Case instead of the strap)! And with an intact stencil, I'd say at least 60.👍
  3. Nice score. Those are quite rare indeed; the weird thing about them is that the "U.S.M.C." stamp on the underside of the flap was applied with some kind of paint, instead of the normal indelible ink. I snagged one years ago with the stencil half gone (below, top right)- what was left would crumble if I rubbed it hard enough. I found another one with a complete stamp (lower), and I handle it very carefully 😁 I don't know why Hamel did these like that, but oh well...
  4. Neat Pack you picked up there- Unit stenciled, no less! That re-dyed web gear is always worth picking up, as far as I'm concerned. As the other guys have said, vat-dyeing tan/light O.D. gear was a significant action in the transitional period of 1942-43 when equipment and clothing was undergoing major modifications. I've got a fair pile of it, but no group shot yet. Below, a couple of 1918 Stitched Mounted Belts and an M1942 Field Dressing Pouch.
  5. From what I recall, these photos, which may be stills from a film, were made for demonstration on handling of freshly caught P.O.W.s; likely they didn't have any Waffen SS 'flage on hand to clothe the "German", so they used the U.S. Jungle Suit. I did some business with a Frenchman years ago who became a U.S. citizen. He told me a story about his grandmother in France, which she related to him when he was visiting his family over there. She had gotten ahold of a quantity of unused surplus One-Piece Jungle Suits (the camo Coveralls we are discussing) which she endeavored to soak in a vat o
  6. Quite correct; every '45-dated (and even a couple of '44s, IIRC) Army Belt I've seen was made without clip retainers. Interestingly, the Marine Corps kept them in their Ammo Belts even into the '50s.
  7. I have heard that these were produced...now I've seen one Not only is that rig quite historic, but you couldn't improve on that condition!!!!! Thanks for showing us that killer!
  8. Raul, thanks for showing all that fine stuff- that group of Dressing Pouches is unreal
  9. Oh, man...just unreal!! Thanks so much for showing this killer display!
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