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    I collect Confederate blacksmith-made bowie knives from the American Civil War. I've now started on WWI edged weapons (I own 1) and am thinking of possibly collecting WWII and Vietnam era edged weapons. The problem is, I know nothing about them. I hope to gain some knowledge about them from y'all here before I make any huge monetary mistakes like I did with Confederate knives. I've been an active member of the CWDCA (Civil War Dealers & Collectors Association) for over a year on their eBay Fakes Task Force and am a frequent poster on the Fake Busters Community Forum where we deal with American Civil War fakes on eBay. I'd be pleased to help anyone with any questions they may have about Confederate knives. I'm also a huge college football fan and I'm a Master Mason.
  1. Thank you....I will. I appreciate all of the help.
  2. Thank y'all very much for your input. During the Asiatic-Pacific campaign, he was indeed a PFC. Do most of the M1 Garand's come with the correct sling, etc or is that usually a separate purchase? Are there any other accessories that went with this weapon that I should acquire to make the display as true to life as possible?
  3. ...someone who was a rifleman in the Asiatic Pacific campaign during WWII most probably would have carried? I'm referring to my father and I thought it would be neat to have a rifle on display that was representative of what he might have carried. He was in the U.S. Army and was in the 77th Infantry Division. Excuse me please for my ignorance but the American Civil War has always been my study interest. Is there a website available to see what units were issued what? I suspect it's an M1 Garand but would thankfully welcome any input from the experts here. Also, once this is determined, w
  4. My apologies...I was trying to avoid using the PM function because of the warnings against it in the rules I read when I signed up. So it's OK to use it? Sorry...I'm new here and still feeling my way around.
  5. ...I noticed in your profile that you're from West Virginia...the state that I still call home even though I've lived in Georgia for the past 23 years. Please e-mail me at chaindrive55 (AT) bellsouth.net...I'd love to hear some news from home. Let's Go....Mountaineers!!!
  6. Dang...I almost forgot my best one. The only authenticated double D guard known to exist. It's the anchor of my collection. This one is in Lee Hadaway's new updated "The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide". It's featured on the cover and has 2 pages dedicated to it inside. If you collect Confederate bowie knives, this is the best book out there. Mr. Hadaway is a great guy, originally from Macon, Ga and has been teaching me for years.
  7. I didn't take it that way at all brother...I knew what you meant. Maybe my reply wasn't clear..my apologies.
  8. OK, here are some of the Confederate bowie knives in my collection that I was asked to post pics of; And...my bad...I do have a couple of side knives also which I'd forgot about...I just prefer the "D" guards.
  9. I guess I'm one of those people. Dad never spoke of his service...I tried to get him to talk to me a few times but he just wouldn't...he'd always change the subject to the Pittsburgh Pirates or Steelers. He was a pretty stoic guy...a Scottish Highlander immigrant...a no nonsense kind of guy. I'm the first person in my family to be born in this great country. I would have loved it to hear his stories but never heard them. I try to read everything I can about the 77th...would have really liked to hear his 1st person account. I guess that was his right.
  10. No Sir, "D" guards are all I collect but I will post photos of them.
  11. Here are some more pictures from Dad's collection. Photo of "Front Lines" sign. Photo of troops landing somewhere...don't know...nothing is written on the back of this one. Photo of a tank rolling into somewhere...again, nothing written on back. Clearing Japanese caves with a flamethrower on Leyte. Photo of GI's of the 77th in action on Leyte. Photo of the landscape after the battle. Carrying out wounded after a firefight. Flag raising.
  12. ...here's a picture of my father during training...I think this photo was taken in Arizona. He's the one lying down on the left. He served in the US Army during WWII with the 77th Infantry Division...Dad was a rifleman. He was an immigrant from Scotland. For actions on Leyte, he was awarded the CIB, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. There was a pretty famous news guy attached to the 77th who was Dad's friend. His name was Ernie Pyle and there was always a photographer with him...Ernie Pyle was killed on Leyte by small arms fire. I have 7 or 8 more photos of the 77th in action if anyone is i
  13. Here's a photo of the .45....the rig is a "marriage". The holster & .45 came together, the knife & sheath came together and I bought the ammo pouch and belt off of eBay. Not original to one another but it displays well I think...I'm not positive if it's a correct marriage though. The rebluing job appears to be pretty old...I was told that a lot of the WWI issue .45's were reblued and rebuilt and put back into service for WWII...don't know if that's accurate info or not though. BTW, I'd be more than happy to post pictures of my Civil War knives...probably Sunday. We had my wife's r
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