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  1. Great start! All good. Use these as reference for additional patches you pick up.
  2. American Campaign Medals were out of stock for a period in the 1980’s. Reissued medal groups were shipped without them.
  3. I believe it's 8th Service Command Military Police (image reversed/letters backwords)
  4. Nice score. But, since you hate Di's, can't reveal to you what it is (part of the "DI code")
  5. And difficult to sell on-line, as shipping is commonly another $10 to $15.
  6. Disk is flaming bomb ordnance like the patch
  7. Components (beret, flash, crest) all look fine for mid 70’s era
  8. It means the embroidery factory was a bit short of red thread
  9. Presidential Unit Citation above his right pocket
  10. DFC,Bronze Star,Air Medal American Defense, American Campaign,ETO
  11. Based on the items you have been posting recently, you really need to switch sources.
  12. An O6 would have a decent bank account.
  13. More like bullion, which wasn’t uncommon for an AAF officer uniform
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