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  1. The "less cool" the back is (boring long clutch posts, as opposed to screwback with nice hallmark), the "more real" it is.
  2. Those are really nice and rather unusual. As they would have been very closely trimmed when sewing to lapels, mothing not a big affect on value.
  3. Please show closeups of buttons. This one has been altered (i.e. gilt buttons on cuffs not Army regulation)
  4. The US-made version of this patch is a mid 1940's "Patch King" made primarily for the collector market. But, being period manufactured, they are technically "real" and often times were worn on uniforms. To expand on what Mort said above, "Patch King" (and Hobby Guild, etc etc) had two versions of the DAF. The vast majority were the embroidered on felt type. The fully embroidered style is much tougher to find.
  5. Yes. Pictured in the classic insignia books. But, with limited documentation about them. Could certainly be ok - just always wondered about them. Perhaps a period photo will one day surface.
  6. Is there a known one of these with credible provenance (or better yet, pictured in a period photo)? In the 1960's/70's, a number ofWW1 collar disks were created for the collector market that never existed. They tended to have really "cool" designs. One quick example I recall is the cavalry disk with a machine gun/tripod below the crossed sabers. There were others I recall seeing way back then. This one reminds me of one of those "creations".
  7. It's an original Phase I Sampson, with correct US Mint naming. Obviously heavily polished and probably an replaced ribbon. Apparently Albert didn't have his medal reworked with the 7 engagement bars the Texas was authorized in Phase 3.
  8. Army Air Force 4121 Base Unit Command. San Antonio Air Technical Service Command
  9. KurtA

    Tar Bucket Hat

    Somebody probably took a West Point style shako and “built it up” with a higher body
  10. KurtA

    Tar Bucket Hat

    If you can get the seller to move the decimal point on the price 2 to the left, it would be an ok buy
  11. Based on the "Army Style" shooting badges, the style of the EGA and the hair style of the woman, I would say 1924/1925. He is an enlisted man, not an officer. Note the chinstrap is black leather. Would be gold with thin red stripe if officer.
  12. Some sort of religious order. American-made Has a patriarchal cross
  13. Actually, it's a pattern 1944 Army Officer's sword.
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