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  1. The Duff was worth $10.00..Great Find. Reb8
  2. Reb8

    Army Dress Cap

    Laury I got this photo from a web site. It is a little different. Has the "scrambled eggs" like you said. My hat does have a darker band of yellow top and bottom of the red. Officers Field Grade is how it is identified. Reb8
  3. Reb8

    Army Dress Cap

    Picked this up this weekend. Does anyone have a photo of the rest of the uniform? Cap appears black more then blue. Reb8
  4. Thanks Would be great to have a photo of them being used. We need a Forum we can post U.S. Military developed items never used ..LOL Reb8
  5. Super Nice! Is the Dress blue marked like mine on the inside? Reb8
  6. Yes, I can see what you mean. They have been up-dated "Darn" I will have to go back and ask to see if anyone can tell me why. Here is a photo of the date in side of the coat. It says "Supply Dept, U.S. Marine Corp. 1947-1948 - "5-M" Reb8
  7. I'm still in the learning mode here. What do you call period EGA's? These are all brass and screw back type. If they are not correct I will be looking. Hey! I just found a blue hat cover inside of the white one. Still looking for the white gloves. Reb8
  8. Thy are there, he just could not find those gloves. I do have a question. The buckel is plain, is that common. Reb8
  9. Snaged this today, the guy could not find the gloves, so I am on the look out for a pair. Dated and named 1948. I have to read the Uniform care Forum to find out how to clean the White hat and belt. Reb8
  10. This Tank was developed by the Soviet Union. It has four AZP-23mm Cannons. It last saw action aginst US during the Gulf War by the Iraq Army and was found abandonded out side of Kuwait City. It is on display at the Rock Island, Illinois Arsenal. What a great thread. Reb8
  11. Great! Photo's Here is a T9E1_Locust, Unfortunately No Barrel. Taken at the Rock Island Arsenal. The Sherman behind the Locust was knocked out Jan. 23, 1946 during the Battle of the Bulge. I have a shot of a USSR / Iraq BMP1-Model and a USSR / Iraq ZSU23-4M_Model I will post if any are interested. Reb8
  12. Thanks DwightPruitt Reb8
  13. Thanks Lars, But now I have to throw you a curve. I did not spot this before. The flag looks yellow to me but on the on outside of the bag it says ORANGE. I guess if I stare at it long enough I can convince myself it's Orange. I went out and bought a Collector's guide today by Henri-Paul Enjames and on page 133 it has a great photo of this set and it says the Tank commander did use them to signal the others, but again it does not say what they indicated. What you and Beast said makes since to me. I was hoping there was a Tank commander on this board who may know for sure. Until I find out othe
  14. Reb8


    The date is in the lower right hand corner of the photo. I'm sure he said they were tan or off white. He has gone to the big guy in the sky and I can't ask him now. Reb8
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