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  1. Maybe you check the ICS airsoft Garand, very nice one. A little bit more expensive than the Denix, but far away from the prices of dewats.
  2. Absolutely right. My comment was, that the somalis pictured in Black Hawk Down were Marksmen in comparism. The movie was great in the trench scenes, the rest only good average.
  3. You have got a very nice collection. The flak helmets I like the most. There is no cure to heal your helmet addiction.
  4. Very nice helmet. Ive got one with ucp cover too. Mine came with nvg mount and ballistic nape pad. Here in Europe you still pay big money for the ACH helmet, thanks ITAR.
  5. Very cool jacket! Had a 1964 Fosters, sold it because I was getting too big for it.?
  6. One of my favourite spy/warfilms. Not as good as Where eagles dare and Triple cross, but still a classic. These good old sixties movies have got a lot of flair and style, I like this style of movie very much.?
  7. Operation Crossbow, actor is Tom Courtenay.
  8. Great score! I really like it. I ve got a similar manequin setup, the Main difference is the OTV vest instead of the bearing load vest. And of course, mine is a put together display without any provenance.
  9. Like the others allready said, very cool helmet!
  10. Wow! Wish you a nice time at the range!
  11. Wow, a real beauty with great provenance!
  12. Gregory, you are perfectly right, its the common Hollywood way. Not to forget Tom Hanks as Cpt. Miller in SPR, he was 42.
  13. Tom Berenger is almost 70 years old, he could be the grandpa of a wwII major. It seems to be a very bad movie.
  14. I know this place, Schönebecker Str. in Magdeburg Buckau,the 88 protected the Krupp- Gruson plant. The industrial buildings survived the war. The dios are true masterpieces. Is there a Chance to see them "live" in Magdeburg? It would be great. Grüße aus Magdeburg
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