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  1. I set up a Vietnam display and sold guns etc. here in the 1970's. Did pretty well but had mixed reviews on my display.
  2. Nice looking Pistol. Did he have any paper work?
  3. My favorite Short Timers Stick. Note the typical misspelling. [sOLDIER}
  4. This is a piece of shrapnel from a CHI-COM Rocket. It's 7"x12". It was brought home by L.Cpl Rutter Ist FSR/FLC III Marine Amp/ Fre. It's from an attack of the Marine Base at Danang Vietnam Sept 67. It says "GOD WAS WITH ME THIS TIME" and "I WAS WOUNDED AND GOT A MEDAL"
  5. Thank You for all the information. Very interesting History.
  6. Was the FAIRECONRON-ONE present in Vietnam and if so what years. Thanks
  7. Bought this a little while ago and would appreciate any info on it. The Heat Stamp is a McCord M 332 A. Don't know what that would date to. The Liner is marked Liner Soldiers Steel Helmet Type 1 2 19 March 64 which I understand kind of rare early one. The Headband liner is marked DSA-100-1399 which I believe is 1965. It has a piece of medical tape inside marked CLARKE. I don't know about the Camo so any info would be helpful to date it. Thanks
  8. Thanks for sharing. The family must of thought well of you to pass this on. Nice Pistol. I believe the Cao Dai made some pretty nice Jungle Shop weapons. It would be interesting to know if your friend ever fired this one.
  9. If you can get a little piece of a corner to lift enough to blow your breath under it while slowly lifting it the warmth and humidity from your breath may help you remove it.I have had good luck with some items doing this.
  10. I got this clip with the purchase of a Nikon Camera, Telephoto lens, and other misc. items. Just gave my camera to my 16 year old Granddaughter and she was elated. She is big into photography.
  11. This is a large 10" Jacket Patch. I don't remember when or where I got it from. Does anyone know when and where it would of been made. Thanks
  12. Picked up this can yesterday. Looks like it had some use in its lifetime. ARMS AMMUNITION, 8 FUZES MTSQ M520A1 LOT ING 2-6A 8 FUZE M50 LOT UST-3-18, 1305-77 4-30-A475 CAL .45 T55 LOT FC-31168. And then to a SIDNEY MONTANA PISTOL CLUB, then a rummage sale in North Dakota. Hard to read some of it so may be wrong. Inside still in pretty nice shape.
  13. Thank you all for all the info. There wasn't much at the sale but a bunch of furniture (2nd day of the sale) I was walking out and seen a cardboard that was closed sitting on a bookshelf. I opened it and this was in it.
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