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  1. Hello, I picked this truck up this morning at a garage sale. The man who sold it stated his father was in WWI and grandfather in WWII. He had some Imperial German items as well. Any information would appreciated...thanks, Jason
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback not sure where i got this from more than likely a Flea market since i am a bottom feeder probably the most i spent was a couple of bucks...still good to know the origin.. Jason
  3. Picked this up years ago always wondered if it was good bad or ugly? Any thought thanks in advance! jason
  4. Hello thanks for the info...someone had told me they thought the bushmaster was not right just wanted to be sure...good news about the 3rd..thanks again
  5. Actually if someone could shed light on the date of possible manufacturer for the 3rd Division & Bushmaster patch? I picked this group at the Flea Market this weekend...he had a bag full of sweet snow-backs most were common.I cherry picked these out..thanks Jason
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