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  1. Maybe a little different than that, the the weave of the embroidery is not as tightly stitched as this, and different base material.
  2. Here is another RT Florida, I think also a repro, is this a Pugh patch as well?
  3. Yeah, I just found it in the Charge list., "Technical HIgh School Jr ROTC San Antonio, "White Alamo on a Red Star" Thanks for the help.
  4. ID Help Engineer crest Castle in 5 pointed star, I can't put my hand on my Engineer catalog, I think this is in the back of the catalog. thanks for help.
  5. How about a flight suit Kiai O Kalewa "Guardians of the Upper Regions"
  6. How about a flight suit Kiai O Kalewa "Guardians of the Upper Regions"
  7. This is one of the early unauthorized patches produced at ft Benning. They are not available commercially, and I would imagine the full color with this tab variation is just a prototype. This thread shows a couple of variations of the Benning product in multicam for the Multicam uniform. this is an uncut patch which has been stitched onto velcro and never timmed.
  8. I presume a Pugh patch ?any help appreciated thanks
  9. I'm not an ALIEN or a BOT Please don;t subject your membership to "CLOUDFLARE"., it isn't copacetic.! in any case all you guys need your SHTF button., it's getting close.


    1 a  shtf sm.jpg

  10. I'm Googlyeyed over the New forum skin !!

  11. HC-6 DET-97, you guys can let me know about this detachment not much found, it's a great patch !
  12. Last one is 48th Transportation Company. asmic (48D) type ©
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