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  1. The History Channel did a 1 hour show of "Dogfights" to that mission. It's a toe curler for sure. What they accomplished and went through, as a bomber crew, in that type of attack was amazing, and deserving of their awards.
  2. So true. My well meaning wife is a prime example of that. While watching a segment on the MOH on 60 minutes, I was telling her how important the MOH is. Her reply was to ask if Sal Giunta's MOH was like my MOH I have in the basement. I had to explain to her that the medal displayed in the basement was my AAM and the vast difference between them. Most people outside of the military have no idea the significance of medals, no matter how well intentioned they are.
  3. That's a very nice display! It's rewarding making displays of your relatives awards. Congratulations.
  4. There are significant differences in the qualifications for each award. These differences allow acts of extreme heroism and bravery to be distinguished from outstanding performance of duties while engaged in combat, and everything that falls in between. There really is a difference between all of those awards.
  5. Thank you very much! The shadow box came out nicely. And all the paperwork detailing their award has been preserved.
  6. I shake my head whenever I see a lower enlisted with an ARCOM with V device. You just KNOW it's a downgraded Bronze Star.
  7. That's an incredible group of awards. I've never heard of a triple Navy Cross awardee. That's simply amazing! Not to pick a nit, and maybe someone with more knowledge than me might correct me, but I think the ribbon rack you have is not in the proper order. It is an IMPRESSIVE rack!
  8. I like that display! Great job!
  9. This is a group that I received from my uncle last weekend. He was assigned to the 2/16th Infantry Regiment with the 1st ID in Vietnam during 1968. He was a platoon leader on a search and destroy op, when he ran across a batallion sized element of VC. He was wounded early on getting the radio frequency from his RTO, who was KIA. A 7.62 round ricocheted off the ground and hit him between the eyes on teh bridge of his nose. It lodged in his skull. After that, he directed artillery in ont he bad guys, and called his company to assist, who later called the rest of the battallion to assist.
  10. Great to fly in, that's for sure. Comfortable. Lots of room for all your stuff below. And one hell of a plane to jump out of.
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