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  1. I purchased a mixed lot of uniform bits and pieces and this pair of trousers was in the lot. Is this a pair of M-1938 dress blue trousers or Mess Dress slacks? I collect Canadian stuff so these are out of my wheel house. Cheers Chris
  2. Something a little different for this forum. Alderdice was an Irish American who volunteered for the CEF into the 259th Canadian Infantry Battalion and went to Siberia. Postwar he returned to the states. Served with the American Coastal Artillery with Philippine service 1922-1925, then was a merchant sailor/engineer, then in 39 joined the Seaforths in Vancouver and was with them until 42 he was a CSM. He transferred to the Americans after they entered the war was in the army as an instructor at Fort Benning and then joined the OSS and served in England , Washington, China, and finally Burm
  3. Unfortunately there's no name inside. Had there been it would have made for an interesting research project. Cheers Chris
  4. Just got this along with a couple other RCAF jackets from Auction. It's a fairly standard issue summer issue uniform with the exception that the shoulders indicate it is an American Volunteer serving with the RCAF in Canada. Had this been used outside of Canada the shoulder flash would have Canada embroidered above the eagle as well. Maker marks are present inside but very faint and i couldn't capture them well with my cell phones camera. Buttons are the standard RCAF brass variety. I've seen mention of this type of flash on the forum previously but i don't believe anyone has ever post
  5. Hi Kevin Thanks so much for the info. It sounds as if it was a fairly exclusive group and probably never was very large to begin with. It appears as though it may be silver gilt based upon the tarnishing. There was a few other little bits with this piece in the box which i think may be related to it. I'll photograph them and post for you to see as well. Also in the box was a British DFC case and Canadian CD case which were the reasons i wanted the lot. Cheers Chris
  6. Hello Everyone I recently found this medal in a mixed lot i purchased at auction. I've been trying to find out some information about both the medal itself and the Veterans group. Can anyone help me out? Cheers Chris
  7. That's one seller who will no longer be shipping to the US. I wonder how the buyer and seller are resolving this as no doubt these pieces cost someone a fair chunk of change. Cheers Chris
  8. Great find Wes. Not something that pops up at the shows North of the 49 very often. Great show with lots of great items. Love the Montana disk sweet. cheers Chris
  9. Reade Tilley's uniform in the National Airforce museum also appears to have the same patches as above. Cheers Chris
  10. Whilst browsing the forum looking for other Eagle Squadron items i came across another thread with a jacket purported to be to a DSO DFC winner. The jacket turned out to be duff but there was a litle piece of miss information in the thread. In determining authenticity someone had stated that the Eagles should be mirrored so when sewn on both eagles should be facng to the center of the chest. This alarmed me a little as my jacket most certainly does NOT have "mirrored eagles" a quick search has showed that eagles should be as found on my jacket and that a person should be alarmed if infac
  11. I found some interesting links about Care when i was trolling the net last night http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-4...re-28july43.jpg http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-4...re-26june43.jpg http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-4...are-16aug43.jpg http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-4...are-21feb44.jpg His Aug 16th engagement is really impressive. Cheers Chris
  12. Gentlemen thanks for the comments. It's a great piece and i was surprised it was in the lotas the poor lot description had no indication of it being there. Love the "Americanized" comment and very true!! It's only a temporary addition to the collection as I have limited room and do not collect RAF/USAAF items. Hmmmm i think i know someone who does though Cheers Chris
  13. The Jacket. The patches are period English produced pieces. The interior lining is blue with sleeves lined with a material matching the trouser lining. This is quite an interesting piece and i doubt many are still around. Cheers Chris
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