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  1. Hello, is there any US publication about ww2 jeeps of ww2 military vehicles ? i know about "military vehicle magazine": http://subscriptions.militaryvehiclesmagazine.com/ Also this one: https://cmvmag.keypublishing.com/ mostly uk focussing But I'd like to know if there are others.., mainly ww2 US vehicles or just ww2 jeep thanks in advance
  2. many thanks for your help. I appreciate it a lot
  3. I would appreciate additional opinions. I would like to sell my cap and I'd like to sell / describe it as it really is: ww2 or post war. Thanks very much
  4. Thanks for your replies. I had thought the same that Bodes. I add an extra picture. thanks for your time
  5. thanks, let me know if need additional pics. This was the main doubt, ww2 or postwar. ... thanks again
  6. Hello let me ask... blue color piping is for infantry ? thanks in advance Can you also confirm it is ww2 ?
  7. Hi i have this one. Does the S means something? Does it add any extra value ? Please let me know, thanks in advance Regards
  8. Hi everyone i have this usmc named on back H. H. KELLER and i don't know if it is possible and where to find any info about this Marine. Would you please help me to find any info (if there is..) ? I would appreciate very much many thanks in advance X. Is this the right section where to ask this?
  9. sorry, I really meant this cover, thanks for your replies.
  10. Hello Can anyone let me know what exactly it is ? Is it an spray to change the smell of the jeep canvas cover ? Is it for dry jeep canvas covers ? Is it a líquid substance? Is it a perfum ? Whats the exact purpose to use it ? Has anyone used it ? Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  11. Hi a friend of mine has recently purchased a Gama Goat vehicle. He has several maintenance manuals but he is looking for a repair manual. I mean, he needs a manual where they explain or give instructions on how to repair the failure of the engine or other parts of the vehicle. . Does anyone has any or could you give any help where to find? Thanks in advance I have a US address (a friend of mine) in case someone could sell me any manual for my friend. Any help would be appreciated Regards .
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