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  1. Very nice collection of items, look forward to seeing the finished display.
  2. Superb collection of pieces from an iconic battle. Every one a jewel.
  3. Thank you, this indeed is the man, he had his wife named as next of kin on his tag. I have not found any record of him being wounded yet. Thank you for posting the information you found. Best wishes, Simon
  4. l like the bayonet relic Ken, even in such careworn condition. I suspect the German belt could as easily be from an MG42 or MG34. Do I see traces of some of them being tracer rounds?
  5. Dear forum, I have a dogtag in my collection that I've been unable to locate any additional data on. Because it was found on the site of a former WW2 US hospital I've always assumed he might have Ben wound, but Ancestry has not been forthcoming. His name was Jim H. Powell and his ASN was 35681962, he was from Kentucky. Any additional information would be welcome. Best wishes, Simon.
  6. Great piece of research, this adds so much more to any item. Thanks for posting.
  7. A very original and exciting project, I take my hat off to you sir, for your talent.
  8. Wow! Some historic helmets there it's quite something to see these in UK serious dedication.
  9. There will be more to find, hope they excercise caution.
  10. The M1 relic appears to show evidence as to why it was discarded, nice find and a candidate for restoration and display.
  11. Beautiful display of item, and great to see from this side of the pond too.
  12. Hope you are able to post some info on the owner in the future, I'm sure I am not the only one who would like to know more about which regiment he was in.
  13. Is the chap on the left Seimon Pugh Jones? His face looks familiar?
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