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    Horse cavalry regiments in France with the AEF. Anything related to the horse and its care during WW1. Remount and Veternarian corps. I have been collecting uniforms and equipments of these units for 20 years. I am always looking for new information, Diarys, letters photos or their exploits in France of the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 15th cavalry.

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  1. Spike, was the contingent that trained the LDNN from ST-2 ?
  2. I would appreciate any help with info on J.O Hazzard. Uniform is marked Abilene Texas, but a Chicago made coat. Found him in Troop H 2nd cavalry in 1918.
  3. Spike, what years where they issued. My buddy’s say they were being issued tridents in 1974/75.
  4. Lol yes quite a fantasy piece, even the provisional squadron ( only ones mounted) were on white convalescing horses provided by the french! but I still like the passion..
  5. change password

  6. Trying to dig up any info on a Army forge, stamped on lid "Weaver inc Dallas USA" box forge using a buffalo blower. Any assistance appreciated. Mitch Fenton
  7. From specimens in my collection they started rubbing off the bronze early in 1919 ( own more then one 2nd cavalry coat like this) in coblenz, by 1922 from what I can tell they had quite a jump on the regs for gilt. Remember we were there until march of 1923. Mitch Fenton
  8. Great pic! He actually was the commander of the provisional squadron of the AFG in Coblenz. He was involved with some shenanigans if I remember right. Interesting study is that the provisional squadron used 3rd army/ occupation insignia but this pic of him he was wearing the 1st infantry patch. This time period of cavalry is my course of study, I have more on him but would need to dig it out. Regards, Mitch Fento
  9. The 305th was overseas, of note was theyre shoulder patch was 1st Army with a read horses head between the legs of the A
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