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    Horse cavalry regiments in France with the AEF. Anything related to the horse and its care during WW1. Remount and Veternarian corps. I have been collecting uniforms and equipments of these units for 20 years. I am always looking for new information, Diarys, letters photos or their exploits in France of the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 15th cavalry.

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  1. Chris, many of us collect specific models first, condition and original. finding one that is marked to a specific unit you collect is of course a plus. I specifically collect 2nd cav from ww1 time period, in 30 years I have never seen one, in fact I don't think I have ever seen an attributed AEF Cavalry verified saddle, most of what you come across are NG like yours, sold at auction back in the day when armories closed. I have a few remount marked saddles and HQ's that an officer had acquired. But I would bet there is someone who collects that specific unit that would go nuts for i
  2. This is the tac board at the UDT/SEAL museum in Ft Pearce 1960s era
  3. Chris, I would agree on that assumption for the stamping, however you can never be 100% certain, most were stamped at a company level to curb shrinkage and theft from other units. This is a seat of a m1904 saddle, the standard ww1 period saddle that was replaced by the model m1928. You would need the quarter strapping, safes, stirrups and stirrup leathers along with girth to put it together. I assume it survived because of its stamping. I have been collecting saddles and horse gear for 30 years now and it is a deep rabbit hole, but my advice is to purchase condition and study marking
  4. That board at one time had a submarine depth gauge and a very good compass on it.
  5. Forgot to mention that they didn't have hollow boards until mid 80's, 1970's were solid plastic or poly covered ply wood. Nice item. When my kids were in BUD's I stole as much of there stuff I could and threw it in a box figured Id give them a walk down memory lane in 20-30 years lol
  6. Those tubes are for chem lights which came in about 1977 so I would bet 1980's I will ask some of my friends about princeton
  7. I recently acquired a neat uniform from Scott Kraska. Although when I purchased it I thought it was pre 1922 and another M1921 pattern tunic but was surprised it was a standard WW1 holdover and missing its early 3rd Artillery DI’s ( on the hunt keep me in mind). The PFC horseshoer rate patch is pretty rare, and having an attraction to Farrier and Veterinarian items in my collection. Also pleasantly surprised that it came with mounted trousers. This uniform dates from 3/24-1/25 period so a very short window. I did find some interesting clues as to the owner, trying to find 1925 rosters for the
  8. Thank you fellas, picked up a late 1924-1925 transitional uniform with PFC Farrier patches. Gilt discs and buttons 3rd Artillery/5th div. I have his initials trying to run down rosters for 1925 is a challenge. I’m a pretty strict WW1 period Cav collector but this uniform is neat including mounted trousers. Regards, Mitch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Many thanks for any info you can provide, obviously screw back but were they Meyer? any different from ww2 era? I appreciate any assistnce
  10. Spike, was the contingent that trained the LDNN from ST-2 ?
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