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  1. Gentlemen: Researching this medal has been time consuming and rewarding at the same time. I've been on the phone last night and this morning visiting with a number of extremely knowledgeable "old timers" who collected medals back in the day when research on individuals was more difficult and American medal collecting was more focused on contracts, variations and numbering styles. First off, the picture that Dave posted is identical to the cross I have posted. Also, I can tell you with 100% confidence that #123 and the medal I have posted (#136) are 100% genuine. They
  2. I'm in the process of liquidating a collection of a long-time collector friend and ran across this DFC. I've never seen anything like it and believe it's a fake. However, why would someone fake a number of a DFC and then mount it in a place where the sun fades out the ribbon? You can't even see the number from the front. Also, the three digit number on the reverse is done extremely well. The numbers are uniform in depth and very level; far better than other fakes I've seen. Other things of interest is that the wrap broach is very odd with the pin coming out of the center of
  3. Scott - At this point, I think we are looking at sometime next year. The Archives cancelled all events up to December 31st. It doesn't seem like they are in any hurry or have any incentive to open up their doors to the public. Frank
  4. It's been a while since I first posted this thread. I pulled Levy's USN personnel file in January of this year. While it mentioned that he was awarded an Air Medal by the Air Force, the actual citation was not present. I just received the award card from the Navy last week from a request I submitted in early February (before they closed down due to COVID). I found the citation to be a very unusual and wanted to post for those who were interested in seeing what the award was actually for.
  5. Scott - Navy and Marine Corps IDPF's for Vietnam are at the NPRC in St. Louis. Once the Archives reopens, you could get one by going to the center or hiring a independent researcher. Frank
  6. I believe that this piece is totally period correct. I've had a couple of broaches on Silver Stars and one on a Purple Heart that turned black (or nearly black) based on how they were stored. You can see some of the original bronze finish showing through on the back of the broach.
  7. Tolzer - Was this the IW Medal that came in the auction lot out of Maine with all the Spanish American War medals? Frank
  8. I may be the odd duck here, but the numbering on the medal doesn't look right. It's too small and too close together. That looks like the numbering Don Nixon in California was doing many years ago.
  9. Thanks again for the information. It is much appreciated. Frank
  10. Gentlemen: I recently acquired this worn cut edge black Airborne tab. It doesn't glow under a black light, but I'm not sure that it's WWII era. Could I please get some opinions from you patch guys? Thanks so much! Frank
  11. Pfrost: Thanks for the information. As for the pins being replaced, I think they are original. I've seen pictures of a few others by searching the Internet the last couple of days and the solder seems a little "blobby" on all of them. Frank
  12. rooster77 - I appreciate the comment. Thank you! Would it be possible for you to show me a picture or refer me to a post where there are electric welded post so I can see the difference? Frank
  13. Good afternoon: I was wondering if any of you wing experts could give me an indication on the manufacture date of this H&H Naval Aviator wing? It measures 2 3/4 inches, is clutchback, and is marked on the reverse. I tried to take good, close up pictures. I've been told that it was a late WWII era wing, but wanted to confirm what it really was. I sincerely appreciate your help! Frank
  14. Yes. I saw at least one at the SOS this year.
  15. Happy Saturday to everyone! I have a question. I bought a small collection of WWII-era patches a while back that included this example of the 1st Infantry Division. The more I look at it, the weave seems different. Can any of you patch experts tell me what I have? Is it foreign made or does it look funny because it was likely stitched to a shirt? Thanks! Frank
  16. Thanks guys! Due to the number of views and lack of responses, these must be somewhat unusual. I originally though that they might be something Wolf-Brown made, but that appears to be not the case.
  17. I recently picked up a small lot of lapel pins (and one rosette) from an local antique shop. They cover medals and decorations that were in place during WWII or earlier, but I've never seen anything like them. They are not marked and appear to be made of plastic. Each of the pins had the same type of clutch back on them. Has anyone seen these before? Who made them and when were they made? I'm guessing they date from the late 1940's or 1950's, but I don't know. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Frank
  18. Looking for the named Bronze Star Medal to Clarence W. Richmond. It was sold at the 2011 Show of Shows. The seller sold his named Bronze Star to a buyer shortly before I purchased his named Legion of Merit medal. I would love to put the two decorations back together again. If you have it, please contact me. Frank Smith
  19. +1 in a big way!!!!! I honestly don't think the asking price is might higher than just the medals are worth.
  20. Here is a picture of the group that I took many years ago at Dan's house. I know he added the wing and the patch for display purposes. I must say that I personally don't think the asking price is out of line. If you sold off the pieces that were added, I think you would end up a 100% correct core group for a price that is below what I consider to be the medal group's market value.
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