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  1. Hello ! Could you help me to identify if is a real jacket or not ? Thanks so much I have included a link that was designed by a member to work here ...we do not allow outide image hosting. When the images are removed... or the links are broken or dead...it makes the thread useless.Thank you for posting. http://ben-major.com/tools/usmf-resize.php
  2. No fadings or stitching marks...... I post a photo of loop at the neck. http://www.flickr.com/photos/87380744@N06/12140872405/ thanks
  3. Okay, Yes possible come from somewhere.... I can complete search with Nara for more details ?
  4. I buy this jacket on the Internet, but she have on vintage shop and didn't know what she was selling.
  5. Just fantastic men ! THANKS "Kadet"
  6. http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/?asn=&laundryNumber=8413&forename=&surname=&state=&county=&birthYear=&search=Search Thanks so much. Just 4 men enlisted during war. No name with "B"....
  7. Pour la veste en elle-même c'est une WWII de par la confection, les zips etc. Je veux juste avec des avis sur les renforts... et pour le lundry number : impossible à retrouver la trace de son propriétaire WWII ?
  8. I agree to the price. But sometimes buyers are Leurer to 10,000 dollars with a copy. I ask your thoughts on this jacket just;)
  9. Why isn't right ? I add to the album photo of this. The belt is swen on the jacket. Regards
  10. No tag on pocket... The reinforcement fabrics impregnated and seems very very thick. The reinforcements were added above and sewn corner, with several lines of stitching. (Sorry for my english...)
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