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    Avid collector of United States Special Forces militaria Vietnam to present. All branches SOF militaria from OEF, OIF, and The GWOT.

    KIA Purple Hearts and Valor Groupings from WWII to present with a special passion for the Normandy Campaigns.

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  1. Thanks for the comments gentlemen. I suppose that I should have said "it has been sewn to something." I say this due to the fact that there are attached off-color loose threads and what appears to be needle holes along the edging.
  2. Last one. Sorry for the "one pic per post," was having trouble with my file sizes! Tanks of looking .....
  3. A wonderfully crude FSSF SSI that came out of an old collection many years ago along with several other more common variations. Shows wear from use and has been on a uniform. Any thoughts appreciated, especially regarding where this might have been made?
  4. Agreed Rick, Post #5 above includes Bart although not by name (and a NSW MWD were killed in action) .......
  5. Another year has slipped away yet we still remember and honor the men of Extortion 17. And we always will. On 6 August 2011, four years ago today; US Army Soldiers/Crew of Extortion 17, US AFSOC Airmen, and Navy Special Warfare Operators from DEVGRU Gold Team, along with ANA allies and a NSW MWD were killed in action near the Tangi Valley, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The men, onboard a CH-47 helicopter were on a QRF mission to support an element of US Army Rangers engaged in a fierce firefight with ACM forces when their aircraft was struck by a RPG. VIII - VI - XI Never Forget - Neve
  6. These are the award certificates issued with The Manhattan Project Service Pin. The background "logo" is actually a depiction of the service pin's design. The pin was awarded in two grades; Bronze and Silver. The Silver pin was presented to those with one year or more service to the project. The Bronze pin was given to those participants with less than one year of project service. The award certificate's background device depicts the appropriate grade of the pin as presented to the recipient. Accounting for fading and age, the "gray" background version was presented with the silver award
  7. I'm far from an expert and better photos would help but I have some really bad feelings about this knife. The knife and scabbard appear to be the Iron Guard reproduction types made in India or Pakistan in the 1980s. These knives lack plastic handle spacers and have the exaggerated elongated ricasso as seen here. Also of note is the lanyard hole in the pommel facing forward instead of at the rear. The blade shape is the same and also has this "plum" color. Some of the CISO knives have plum blades but the reproductions have a distinctive odd shape and round blunt edge bevel. The scabbards
  8. It is reenforcement stitching to help hold the velcro in place; works better than just edge stitches. It also helps prevent the velcro from puckering and "pillowing-up." It is a common feature on "off the shelf" Raid Modified tops by Propper and TruSpec as well as later field or rigger modified tops. My thoughts only .....
  9. Yes. DEVGRU, Gold Squadron. These are some of the men lost on 6 August 2011. RIP Warriors .....
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