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  1. It seems that The French army bought these jacket from the Americans as surplus and used them in Indochina.
  2. Hey, thanks guys for identifing this jacket. So I guess it's good news for me. Is there anything known about the use of this jacket in the ETO or any sources, books, pictures, etc known?
  3. I got a PM from a member that this jacket might be a snipersjacket. There is a picture in the book "The World War WWII GI U.S. Army Uniforms 1941-45" in the section France 1944.
  4. I need some info on a camouflage jacket I recently bought. I thought it was a HBT camouflaged jacket but it turned out to be another jacket. It looks like it's British made, twill-like material and it has the standard battledress buttons on it. The outside of the jacket has a lighter greenish camouflage pattern and the inside has a brownish camouflage pattern. On both sides are pockets, so 4 in total. I can't find a label or other markings. Jacket seems to be treated with some chemical agent and smells a bit awkward.
  5. I fully agree with the statements allready made on the impressions. Also a big terror is the way people carry their weapons (all types) around... Even the correct clad, equipped and detailed individuals. Like if they are carrying a M-16 or any other current model of pistolgripped automatic rifle.... Just a terrible sight and a total loss of the correct impression
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